Audition apparel

Help - I am applying for a theatre scholarship in Theatre Arts at a local university. Ordinarily auditions are done in person, but due to COVID, it will be done via Zoom. The audition involves a presentation on the scholarship program from the department and some current students, then breaking out into a private zoom room for a short getting to know you interview and giving your monologue. If it helps, this is for a BA in Theatre Studies, not a BFA or Musical Theatre program.

Ordinarily I’d expect to wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move in, but since this is all done remotely, and no need for improv or movement exercises, I am not sure what most students who are auditioning wear.

For those of you who have done virtual auditions, did you dress professionally (suit or casual business wear), regular clothes, or movement type theatre clothes?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Talk to the theater department and ask. But you are being evaluated on your acting ability not your clothes. There should be something on their website also.

Hi! Hope this isn’t too late!
I’ve done a couple of virtual auditions so far, and I wore neat but moveable clothes for all. I’m really comfortable in jeans so I wore that with a nice (but comfortable) top or shirt, except for one college that wanted “clothing you would wear to a movement class”. I wouldn’t wear anything formal, just make sure you look presentable!