Audition Attire

<p>My D had her first audition on Friday and we were very surprised at the types of clothing that the auditioners showed up in. All the girls (except mine) were in very short skirts or dresses, one was in flip flops and a midriff top. False eyelashes were the most noticeable makeup accessory. Quite an eclectic mix for sure...</p>

<p>What region of the country was this?</p>

<p>West Coast</p>

<p>This is LA influence. It’s the wanna-be starlet thing. You will not see that elsewhere.

<p>Wow bisouu, what were the guys wearing? Hope it went well! :)</p>

<p>Wow! lol in New England, I see crazy audition attire from kids 13 and under- rarely college/college-bound kids or older. Guess that’s the WC for you!</p>