Audition Experience

Has anyone auditioned recently at the University of Arizona either for the BFA Acting or BFA MT who would be willing to share their experience? Also, does anyone have anything recent to contribute about these programs? I saw the old posts about cuts, but I have heard they have revamped the department. Also, how many will be accepted for the freshman class?

I know several kids who auditioned for them either at Moonifieds in November or at LA Unifieds this weekend. The two new(ish) program directors truly appear to winning the hearts of everyone they meet; students came out really excited about the whole experience. The school has become one of the top choices of my son and several of his friends. Not sure how many they are taking.

@heliobike has your S heard anything from them?

Yes, he was accepted into the MT program last week and is thrilled!

@heliobike How did you hear?

My D decided not to audition. She just really wants to stay in California. Congrats to your son @heliobike!

@glaz317 My son received a phone call last week; he auditioned in November.