Australian Universities

<p>What are the best Australian universities to go to, as a transfer student? What are the fees in US$? Is Sydney a nice city?</p>

<p>hey, I've lived in Sydney all my life. It's a gorgeous city - very relaxed, friendly ppl, cosmopolitan atmosphere, quite breezy, arty, cafe culture.<br>
As for unis? Sydney Uni, Uni of NSW are two of them.
I'm not so sure about the fees. If you searched their websites, I'm sure you'll find some information. good luck</p>

<p>The only univesity I know of in Australia is University of Sydney and Universit yof Melbourne (which is apprently ranked very high in the international eye)</p>

<p>It's very expensive though...</p>

hey, I've lived in Sydney all my life. It's a gorgeous city - very relaxed, friendly ppl, cosmopolitan atmosphere, quite breezy, arty, cafe culture.


<p>that's a lie... besides the beach and the harbour, sydney is one big giant hole... </p>

<p>the comparison i always use is Sydney is the Los Angeles of Australia, Melbourne is the New York... but sydney is more expensive to live in...</p>

<p>but as for unis, i can only tell you about melbourne ones... melbourne uni is the highest regarded, and monash is a good university too...</p>

<p>Yeah students here (n z) .. well in my school atleast, are killing themselves to get into Melbourne uni (for medicine).
Apparently, you need to take some special test u-something..? umat?</p>

<p>^ hehe, i agree melbourne lovely, but, having lived in Sydney for 13 years and then having moved to Melbourne (Elwood, near St. Kilda, very nice area, just St, Kilda has a bit of a brothels (sp), sex shops and drug "reputation' but its still nice) i can say that while very different, they are both very nice, it just depends on what you like/where you live...what you are used to...</p>

<p>Australian National University is like the top school in Australia but IF I will study in Australia someday, I'd like to study in U of Melbourne or UNSW is also my choice.</p>

<p>the thing that sucks about ANU is that it's in canberra... and there's absolutely nothing to do in canberra... it's just boring...</p>

<p>Sydney is not a hole by any means.... I would not say melbourne is NY either :) ... maybe melbourne is more like boston (im in boston atm). </p>

<p>It depends on what you are studying and what lifestyle you want. I have no ideas about fee's sorry, i assume as you are a transfer student you would not have as many years to pay so thats one bonus. In Sydney the top universities are University of Sydney, UNSW (they are they main two), then you would have Univeristy of Technology Sydney and Maquarie. </p>

<p>The only universities i know in melbourne are U Mel and Monash, they have the best rep in Melbourne.</p>

<p>Any of the Group of Eight (<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;) is very good for most subjects. Also see Bond University, with a strong international student body, and any universities in Melbourne or Sydney not mentioned in the Group of 8.</p>

<p>I am a students at the University of Melbourne. Happy to answer any questions you may have.</p>

<p>Yeh, i should have mentioned i am from UNSW and happy to answer any questions you may have :)</p>

<p>Is a credit transfer possible from an European undergrad degree--economics?</p>

<p>what about U of Tasmania ? how is it ( in AUS only)</p>

<p>Hey I've been hearing that Australian universities are generally easier (in terms of studies) than universities elsewhere (UK/US). Is this true?</p>

<p>P.S. I am in University of Melbourne, and it is very easy. I can just sleep through most of the classes!</p>

<p>From my perspective, Uni Melb, ANU, UNSW and University of Sydney are the top uni in Australia. Especially after talking to lecturers in my school whom graduated from Australia. If you're going for engineering courses, i would say UNSW the best.</p>

<p>International Student fees vary depending on the course. Just check the websites of the colleges you're interested in- they all have the fees listed somewhere.</p>

<p>If I had stayed in aus- my first preference would've been uMelb then USyd, UNSW, and Monash... and I'd put UTas at the very very bottom!</p>

<p>I think its rather subjective to say that UMelb is better than USyd...I prefer Sydney, the weather is nicer, the beaches...Melb is more relaxed, less to do generally...</p>

<p>Im studying in the states at the moment and i would say the workload is definately higher but the grading is much easier. </p>

<p>I dont know if that answers any questions about australian universities being easy...</p>