Auto shipping advice

My D has an internship for the summer. Unfortunately she will need a car to get there. After looking online and D looking in person, we determined a vehicle we owned and was ready to trade in (but still always been a good vehicle for us) was better than any of the used car options we were seeing. So, we need to get our car to her by the end of May…1500 miles away…were thinking about driving and flying back, then got some quotes from auto shipping and may be similar cost to use an auto shipping company…looked at reviews, got a few quotes and called one with a good rep but kind of got bad vibes…was quoted s price online Friday and now price is $79 more…did not want to negotiate much even though we have flexibility on date picked up/delivered. Anyone have advice on what to do…company to use, or better to drive?

If there are any sights to see on the way there, perhaps she can drive there and do some sight seeing along the way. Same for the way back.

This would be getting car one way from MN to FL. She would still be in FL-Dad and I would drive alone to give her car and fly back if we choose driving option.

The cost would probably be the same, considering accommodations and meals on the way, etc. But a road trip could be a lot of fun, if you travel well together as a family.


My daughter had a car shipped from Florida to Colorado earlier this year. I think it was about $1000. She figured it would cost them (her and BF) that much in one way airfares, hotels,gas and food for 3 days.

I had my car shipped in a job transfer from California to Florida. It was 10 years ago but I think it was about $1200-1500.

Name of company? Sounds like D was pleased with results.

Which company did you use? (You can DM me). Thanks!

We drove D to college last summer. H did all the driving, there and back. H and I would go together if driving. I think it would be fun, H and I would go together. It is a lot to ask of him though and he’d have to take off work. I’d consider it a chance to visit D and take a little road trip but I can see it being a lot of work for H.

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Have you considered living close to work and ubering in the morning and evening?

This is for the OP’s daughters summer internship.


I understand. Last summer I had my son take an apartment within a mile of his internship in Seattle, and got him a bike, which he never used. He mostly used public transportation or Uber on occasion. Life is simpler without a car in the mix. Of course it depends on the kind of place they are going for an internship. I would have been significantly stressed if he had a car with him :-).

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She will be in Florida, public transportation is not like Seattle or other major cities.


Just FYI, there was another thread on car shipping services awhile back. It might be helpful to read through that one as well.

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She has a year long dorm rental that includes summer. It doesn’t appear that public transportation would work. She may have to Uber/Lyft until we are able to get car to her. She will work 2 days/week and Uber/Lyft would be fairly expensive long term. If all goes well in summer, she would continue to work there in fall.

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Thank you-I will check it out.

That distance seems like a short walk.

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Depends on when you wake up :-). Walk was 20 minutes. Bike was 10. Bus was 14. If you wake up at 9.15 …

Florida is also really hot to be walking home at 6 pm. Sometimes not so bad to walk at 7 am, but sometimes it is really really really hot.

I walk to the bus (about .7 miles) and then walk from the bus to school (.5 miles) not so bad in the morning, often not fun at 4 pm. Today was raining.

I’m getting an electric bike, subsidized by the city. I can’t wait.


Any advice on what to ask potential auto ship companies? I picked a couple with good reputations in reviews, but still nervous because I’m not used to dealing with this type of service. Anything to watch for, questions to ask, how to get the best price. I got a quote one day, waited a couple days to ask a question and the price had jumped by $70, saying they only lock in the cost for 24 hours. Lesson learned…but it just felt shady and made me wonder if there are things I need to watch for…and what is the process? Once I agree to a price, do I sign a contract or pay anything up front? We plan to pay credit card instead of the discounted cash on delivery option.

Another option would be to meet your daughter in a city she could fly to- spend a day or two with her and then you fly back from there. Cuts down your driving time and allows you to see your daughter.