Average GPA of Centre College students (or general commentary on grade inflation/deflation)?

What is the average GPA of Centre students (not the average HS GPA of incoming Freshman) – how much grade inflation or grade deflation exists (especially/specifically for STEM courses?) Is it hard to maintain a 4.0?

Bump. Anyone know what the all-campus GPA is at Centre?

My DD is a freshman there and while I don’t have any hard data to report, I can tell you that she says many of her peers there say grade deflation is real. As for DD’s performance, she graduated from a top public high school in the Northeast and she has worked her tail off for her 3.47 GPA.

Thank you @msquaredsmomma – I have a friend at Centre and he is definitely convinced that grade deflation is a facet of his academic experience. I just wanted to verify whether or not this was all in his head or other students could attest to it too.

I have two smart daughters at Centre. They love Centre, are challenged and work hard to maintain GPAs of 3.7 and above. Is there grade deflation on campus? Yes.

I have a son who’s applied ED – wondering if anyone had received merit aid as an incoming freshman that they then LOST due to this apparent grade deflation? Would love to hear – please!

Centre student here! Yes, grade deflation is real on Centre’s campus, but the college knows that (as do other schools/employers around the nation—it’s frequently said that the GPA needed to get into med school from Centre is lower than the average college graduate).

I have many friends with 3.8 GPAs, 3.0s, and 2.5s. The average GPA for female students is about a 3.246, whereas the average for male students was a 3.020. The HIGHEST GPA required by any merit scholarship is a 3.2, which is for the complete free ride Brown Fellows/Lincoln Scholars programs. Most merit scholarships require something in the 2.0 range. I don’t think anyone has really lost their merit aid DUE to /grade deflation/—all the people I’ve known who have run into those sort of problems have faced issues because they were focused on partying/didn’t do the work for their classes.

To put things in perspective: in 2014, Centre graduated 325 students. 9 graduated summa cum laude (3.9+), 27 magna cum laude (3.7-3.899), 47 cum laude (3.5-3.699). So a little over a quarter graduated with honors. I personally like that about Centre; I think it should be competitive but not unreasonable to graduate with honors. \

I hope this helped answer some questions!