BA in the day or BS in the night

<p>I was originally pursuing a BA (the only choice) in History through my college's day school undergraduate program, which was $20,500 a year for 12-17 hrs a semester. It was taught by full-time professors and was a quality program.</p>

<p>As a senior, I have switched into the same university's College of Graduate and Continuing Studies, which is only $214 per credit hour. They only offer BS degrees. It is on the same campus, or online, but is typically taught by adjuncts.</p>

<p>Will this impact future employment, graduate school, or seminary opportunities?</p>

<p>The individuals teaching your courses will not likely impact anything as far as future pursuits will be able to see. There is the possibility that it could impact your learning, but it is not that likely. Adjunct professors or professors who are not full-time faculty are not beneath those who are full-time. In fact, my two favorite professors(also the two from whom I feel i have learned the most and I felt had the best teaching style) were not full-time faculty at the university. I have also had some full-time faculty members teach courses when they had an awful teaching style; I felt I got very little out of their courses. There are also many universities(and I am told, though have no direct knowledge of this, that a great number of Ivy League schools have graduate students teach courses instead of full-time faculty) that have non-full-time faculty teach courses. There should be no negative impact on you unless one of your professors is bad at teaching, plus you can easily find full-time professors who are very bad at teaching, and the fact that courses are taught by non-full-time faculty will not impact future educational pursuits or employment.</p>