BA Theatre Programs at UVA, U of Notre Dame, Washington and Lee, Vanderbilt

My daughter is looking for a BA Theatre program in a traditional national university or college and was hoping some of you may have knowledge about some of these programs. She is not interested in pursing a BFA.

She has very good grades and lots of APs etc at a rigorous academic HS that sends 30%+ kids to Ivy league schools. She has excellent ECs (class president for 3 years, important service commitments, and many theatre credits, some professional, mostly MT). She hopes to increase her SAT score if it doesn’t get cancelled again.

Her list so far includes:
Northwestern (my top choice)

She needs to balance this list with other good academic schools that may be easier to get into, and was thinking of the following (I know some of these are still tough to get into):
U of Notre Dame
Washington and Lee
Tulane? (I know it’s a BFA)

Any thoughts on the theatre programs at any of the above schools? She would also love to be able to have voice lessons and participate in musicals.

Many thanks!!!

Northwestern is my daughter’s top choice as well, not just mine, LOL.

How about the Yale School of Drama?

Hi Teahupo,
Yes, Yale of course but we’ve heard that department focus is more on the graduate students than the undergrads…