Babson or Bentley Honors Program

Babson and Bentley are both at the top of my list. Bentley gave me 25k/year for being in honors and 15k in need. Babson gave me 40k/year in need. So both colleges are basically equal in price. Any opinion on which is better and if it is possible/a good idea to play the two off each other to get more aid? I’m a waitress so I’m pretty broke currently
due the virus.

If you want to be an CPA, I would suggest Bentley.

If you want to be an entrepreneur or finance career, it would be Babson for me.

My son and daughter both attend Bentley, so I have a bias. My son is highly involved in the Bentley Investment Group, is Bloomberg certified, is in the trading room a lot, and has an internship at an investment bank now (he is a current sophomore). His good friend has an internship with Citigroup in their sales and trading division this summer in NYC (his friend is a junior). His friend landed the Citi internship last year after competing against students from the Ivies and other universities. If you want IB, you can find success at Bentley. I don’t know anything about Babson. I think that Bentley students are more often in the Corporate Finance and Accounting major more so than going the straight Accounting route as was historically true for Bentley. There are still plenty of students going to work for CPA firms, but more seem to be going the CFA route these days (according to my 2 kids there now). Hope this helps.

Congratulations 1019! Can you please post your stats?

Sure, I got a 33 on the ACT and a 35 on math. (I want to major in finance)
My gpa is like 3.95 i think and I took classes at my local community college thru dual enrollment my upperclassmen years.

Congrats. I would definitely choose Babson. The FME required freshman course is fantastic. Bloomberg certification is something many freshman avail themselves of at Babson. I think of Bentley as strictly accounting or perhaps finance which is fine. But Babson entrepreneurial thinking is imbued in the business curriculum from day 1. Babson also is well known for the Center For Women’s Leadership scholars. It is a mentorship model that fosters inclusvity among female scholars. The Georgetown University Center on Education and Workforce captured the earnings of college graduates on the long term horizon rank Babson top 10 nationally for earnings. Give it a serious look for an unquestioned impact on your potential future. And the fact that you are offered substantial aid shows they value you from day 1.

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