Babson Transfer Fall 2021

do any of y’all have any predictions about when Babson is gonna release? when did it release last year? and I feel like my Babson portal homepage kinda changed a bit wb you guys?

Sorry for the spam! but did anyone else get their transfer credits evaluated, just wanted to know how many were accepted out of the total number if y’all dont mind.

they told me decisions should be by this week but its Friday and nothing super weird

They told me its next week

should it be today?

they told me midweek this week when I called again

tomorrow 3:00 pm guys I am ready for pain

Yes I got the mail too!! So anxious​:crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:

anyone get in/ know how many applied and were accepted

did anyone get accepted??

I got in! Did anyone else get it?

I also did

is there a group for babson transfers? should we make 1?

I doubt it but I’d wanna make one

I’d like that too! Could you make one on Instagram or wherever:)

I got declined :frowning: What were your scores

What’s your insta?

I pmed you xD

yes please pm me ur ig

I did :slight_smile: