Bad Fordham Audition

I had an audition on zoom for Fordham last weekend. My monologues were contrasting and fit their requirements but for my classical, I figure it was from the judge’s favorite show. He started almost quizzing me on the show like “How do you feel about blank and blank’s relationship in the show?”, at first I went with it because I panicked and wasn’t sure what to say and then I admitted that I didn’t know the show and only picked the monologue because I liked the text itself. He seemed off put and told me I could go.
I’ve been freaking myself out about it ever since because Fordham is my top school and I really see myself going there. They seemed to really like my prescreens so maybe that could factor it out? What do you think?

A very important part of audition prep is to read the entire play, not just the monologue. I am not sure if you simply were not aware of that, or just chose not to do it. It is the job of an actor to know the context of the monologue and characters. I am pretty sure they asked you these questions to ascertain if you had read the play and understood the context. When you had not done so, that says something. You may have acted it superbly but they are considering you for a college acting program, not simply casting you in a play and so they are going to care that you did the work that an actor should do when preparing an audition. This may be a hard way to learn this lesson.

If you have more auditions to go this admissions season, be sure to read the plays for all your monologues!


I understand that was definitely my fault. I’ve done three other auditions now and never been directly asked the context of the entire play so I was definitely caught off guard and wasn’t expecting to need to know it, but I should have.
It’s definitely a hard lesson to learn but I just hope it can be brushed over and not affect my admission because I knew the monologues in my sleep and delivered them pretty well. Just kinda sucks.

Remember that many factors go into the admissions decision. It is not simply an acting contest. They ask you questions, for example, for a reason. If it was just how well you act and nothing more, they would not ask you anything. They are looking to admit STUDENTS which is not the same as casting a production.

Keep in mind that you may have delivered your monologues very very well, but even so, not everyone will be offered a slot as there are more good actors than slots available. Be realistic of the odds at these audition-based programs.

Remember many aspects will go into their decisions, and even if not offered a slot, it doesn’t mean you don’t act well or didn’t give a good audition. Still, a basic part of audition prep is to read the entire play and so you’ll know from this point on to do that.

One more thing…the reason to read the entire play is not because the auditor might ask you questions. But in order to act the scene and understand the character fully, it really helps to know the context of the entire play.