BAKER RAP classes at CU

<p>Does anyone have any knowledge of the classes in Baker RAP? My son just got his course selection for Baker RAP and he is unsure which course to sign up for. He is limited in that since he in the School of Engineering he cannot take any of the classes that fulfull a requirement for Natural Sciences. So, he is considering these classes: Ethics, Philosphy, or one on the Mayan civilization. Anyone ever taken any of these courses? Any information on how good the class was, how hard it was, the amount of work involved, etc. Since he will be taking a pretty vigorous engineering class load, he would like this elective to not be too taxing! Any information would be greatly appreciated...</p>

<p>My son just finished the Mayan course this past semester. He didn't take it through the Baker RAP. Liked the course and the professor. Had a TA with an attitude, but the professor recognized that and stood up for the students.</p>

<p>ColoradoMomof2: Thanks for all the information. You certainly seem to know a lot about CU, guess because you have two children attending. About the Mayan Course: Would your son say it was a lot of work? My son is really looking for a hunanities course that is interesting but does not require that much work. He will be having a pretty vigorous load in the engineering department so wants a humanity course that will not be terribly taxing. Also, I assume the Mayan Course he took was the same one offered in the Baker RAP?</p>

<p>No, I don't think it was a lot of work. My son is a hard sciences major and was in the throes of a very hard semester with his classes of interest (chemistry, anatomy, two labs, etc.), so it was a good elective. He did have to apply himself to the Mayan work, of course, but he got an "A" for the semester. Yes, I am assuming it is the same course, but if you pm me with the course name, I can verify that fact.</p>