Baldwin Wallace Theater Major

<p>Hi, I am trying to get some information for a friend about Baldwin Wallace's theater major. All I gather is that it is a BA in theater. Is the program audition based for acceptance? I know that the Musical Theater program is a Bachelor's of Music and they consider them a conservatory, but their website is down and I cannot figure out how their Theater degree works. If anyone knows, I'd love some insight. </p>

<p>I am not an expert- but if I recall correctly from my D’s experience at BW, BA theater was not an audition program. I know that when she was “re-directed” from the BM in MT they offered the option of the BA- with the clear understanding that it was not connected to the MT and she would not have an option to transfer. She declined </p>

<p>Hey! Baldwin Wallace’s theatre program is not an audition program! You just need to apply to the university. Hope this helps! </p>