Ball State BFA Acting Class of 2024

Hello! I have been looking at forums here that are saying that the acting BFA decisions for Ball State have already gone out (Starting Feb 24th). I personally have not heard anything yet (it is the 5th of March) and I was wondering if anyone else is in the same boat? Thanks!

Also, if you have already heard please let me know so I know if it’s just a me thing :slight_smile:

@collegehopes127 Same boat. I do know people who have gotten calls with acceptance and also emails with no/redirect to BA. I think they are just still in the process of notifying.

We got a priority wait list today by phone.

Thank you @closemama and @BFAmama. Glad to hear she wasn’t the only one waiting! So hard to not know.

Hey! The waiting can get a bit stressful, especially with everything else going on in the world.
But the department is going through list to list, sending out offers as students accept or decline. This process is a long one, as sometimes students drop their offers For offers from other schools in the middle of the process.
I was on waitlist when I had auditioned and did not know until early April!
Rest assured, you’ll be notified in due time.
Stay healthy and safe!

My kiddo was accepted into BFA Acting class of 2025. He’s really thrilled. He was deferred from MT and is wondering how much crossover there is? Could he get training in voice and dance. And be cast in musicals as well as straight shows?
Thank you in advance!