Bank of America Student Leaders 2023

I haven’t seen a thread yet so I made one. This thread is to ask and answer questions about the application process, interview notification, results, and the experience itself.

Thanks for starting the thread. I’m curious about the interview process and how the experience was as well. If you are a senior you may have college orientation at some point during the eight weeks, how was that handled?

Is it a paid internship and a scholarship?

my interview was yesterday in an east coast market.

When did they reach out for the interview? And what kinds of questions were asked if you don’t mind sharing? And did they mention when you would hear back about being accepted or not? Thanks.

they reached out beginning of february, but i’ve heard different markets have very different timelines. pretty standard questions were asked such as “why bank of america?” and “follow up on x and y extracurriculars,” so make sure you refresh your memory on your exact role in each activity. we hear back in mid-april. good luck to you!

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If I didn’t receive interview does it mean not accepted? Do they even send out an email?

Im in the Chicago Market. Anyone in the Chicago market get an interview? Not sure if they do interviews for Chicago

My son had his interview two weeks ago and was told of the hundreds of applications they only chose twenty to interview and will pick one person for the market area… we will be waiting

Not every market will interview. Anyone has interview in Silicon Valley? Thanks.

Was this for Chicago?

No this was for southern ca

i’m also in chicago market. no interview for me yet.

Maybe they don’t interview for Chicago?

Has anyone in Connecticut been invited to interview? Thanks.

any info on pennsylvania?

Does anyone know when the results come out? On the website it says that results will come out BY April 2023, does that mean latest April 1 or April 30?

That’s what I wanted to ask as well, because it says “by” on the website in certain places, but “on” in other places.

anyone from mn market?

Has anyone from the miami market heard anything?

Update on the results: I emailed them, and they said that we should be expecting an email between March 27th-31st. Good luck everyone!