Barnard Class of 2025 — Decision Date: Mar 31

can someone answer this ^^^

status update!

congrats to everyone accepted!!! so so happy for you all

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deferred + waitlisted
act 34
gpa 3.9/4.3

Not to be salty or anything, but isn’t their rejection letter kinda short and disconnected? I thought Tufts had the most upsetting one but idk this one hits more because I have no info about the upcoming class and it looks like not much effort was put into writing it.


purr congrats!

yea it was very impersonal
ppl took the time to write all these essays and you just say no and bye?
the Wesleyan rejection was so nice I was like no don’t feel bad for rejecting me :yellow_heart:


Does everyone’s waitlist letters say active candidate?

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Yess!! We put in so much time and effort into our essays and often get attached to the colleges. A meaningful rejection letter would have been nice and comforting; my personal fave was the Caltech rejection, it was so sweet that I was smiling after reading it xD


Mine does!

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not us having fav rejection letters :rofl:
Chile anyways the main reason I wanted to go to Barnard was cuz its in nyc so god did his thing


i got deferred and waitlisted ■■■■■ can they just tell me they dont want me

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My daughter was Waitlisted. GPA 3.98/4.75
From Fl.
Great EC excellent essays.

what did the rejection letter say?

did everyone get a status update thru email?


were u accepted?

Daughter waitlisted. Would be going for Dance and History. Has an amazing opportunity down the road at Alvin Ailey/Fordham that would take her on more of a professional dance track.

GPA: 3.8UW / 4.5W
10 APs
GS Gold Award
Tons of EC and strong essays
From CT

We know somebody who was accepted to Columbia but rejected at Barnard!