Barnard Class of 2025 — Decision Date: Mar 31


rejected for econ– definitely not a surprise to me, but they acknowledged that i have family who go to barnard in the rejection letter which was kinda funny. this was my last decision, so now i have a pretty difficult decision to make! good luck to all of you, and congrats to those who were accepted :heart:

after being deferred, I was accepted!!!



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Thank you!! This definitely makes me feel better I won’t lose hope :))

I’m so late but I got in!! I’m so happy, congratulations to those who were accepted!! I you were waitlisted there’s still hope! They see something in you and I’m sure other schools will as well. If you were denied please remember that rejection is redirection. I know it’s cliche but you will receive things that are meant for you and you have to be patient. I believe in you, good luck to you all with your future decisions! <3


ive been rejected from almost everywhere and had no hope for barnard considering its my dream school. i only have a 3.5 uw and 4.0 w and meh ec, but i put my heart into my essays and i got waitlisted !! im not losing hope yet ((:

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accepted!! i’m so happy but the financial aid kinda hurts </3 it would be the most expensive of all the schools i applied to and the fa award is so different from all my other schools. does anyone know if appeals for over well? is it worth it?

Congratulations! As far as FA were your other awards need based or merit? Barnard meets full demonstrated need which may not be the same as merit aid granted by other schools. Just a thought.

ahhh that’s a good point!

accepted to the sp^2 program for physics!! the no merit scholarship policy is kickin my ass though since it’s the most expensive school on my list </3

Would y’all rather go to Berkeley or Barnard in terms of academics? This is tough

In either place the professors should know more than the students and both places should have a student body of, an average, comparable intellect.

Some students will choose one and some the other and everyone could make the right (or wrong) choice.

From a more A/B perspective, my daughter was waitlisted at Barnard and did not apply to Berkeley, but she was accepted at Michigan (which would seem to be comparable to Berkeley in all things but weather) and between the two, she would have picked Barnard.

Good luck in your choice.

hey there all of you! first of all, congrats class of 2025 <3. I am an international student applying to U.S colleges this year, and Barnard is definitely my favorite for now. I’ve done a lot of research and I read that is not a school recognized for giving financial aid to international students like me (and, sadly, I would need great FA to be able to attend :(). I wanted to ask here if any international student got accepted and given financial aid this year. Thank you! (p.s: this thread is so sweet I like Barnard more than before just bc of how nice and supportive all of you were during the process)

Just wanted to drop here and say that I was waitlisted by Barnard (Common App) but accepted to Columbia (QuestBridge). Since Barnard has become a QB partner school, I highly suggest applying through there. They are very attuned to low-income students and will consider any hardships you’ve gone through.


We appealed my daughter’s aid package after ED and they were great about it.

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