Barnard ED Class of 2027

Hi, Y’all! I noticed we didn’t have a thread for the Barnard ED class of 2027, so I created one!


How many of y’all are sending in your test scores? I got a 1350, and I’m going to retake it in august, but I highly doubt I can get it up to a 1480+. My gpa is 3.74/4 uw / 5/6 w, so I’m worried that my stats won’t be enough, but is it worth retaking the test? I heard that applying test optional hurts your chances, but if I have really good essays and a strong spike in my extracurriculars, will it really matter?

Have you ever compared to ACT? Some people do better with one test vs. the other.

Let’s be clear; you have excelled in school and accomplished a great GPA. But so will all other young women applying.

Anything that can tip things in your favor/make your application stand out against 10 others is worth pursuing.

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I’ve taken the ACT before, but I did terrible. My English and reading scores was pretty good, but I bombed the math and science sections. I’m just really worried my gpa won’t be good enough, even with my rigorous course load, if I were to apply test-optional.

The key is, at a 92% rejected rate, everyone has reason to, and should be equally worried. You can only focus on presenting any of your unique/distinct accomplishments in the best possible picture and the rest will be up to the arbitrary mix of who else will be applying that year.

Of course, if finances are no issue, and if you feel absolutely certain, you will significantly better your chances with Early Decision. The chances with RD are miniscule for everyone.

But most of all, go out with an open mind to find many things to love at other colleges and great towns - even if not currently your first choice. There is a >90% likelihood for everyone applying, that those second choices will be their eventual “home” for four years.

No reason to obsess over what decimal point applies to everyone individually in that 92.xx% rejection range.

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Don’t be worried. Have a balanced list of reach, target and safety. It’s ok to be rejected.

I made sure both my kids applied high enough to get rejected.

If you get rejected you know you gave it your all.

There is more to this than grades and test btw.

Keep the faith and good luck


ED decision is mid-Dec. I assume that DD will hear by Dec 15 - or is it a loosely assigned date? “around” mid-Dec?

in the past two years, decisions have come out on dec 14th at 6:30pm est. some colleges like to say “mid-december” for a buffer in case there are unexpected delays, but you can reasonably expect it by that time

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Daughter received email that she will get notified by 6:40 EST on Wednesday. Is it “normal” that Barnard copied her counselor?

hi there! i received the same email and my counselor was also copied. i’m assuming barnard copies the counselor for important communications :slight_smile:


It’s common to cc counselors on ED communications. Good luck, everyone! My d22 is loving Barnard.

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was anyone else requested to send their progress reports? On a semester system so there are no first quarter grades to submit

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Yes, they emailed me and said I had to submit by Dec 2nd so my counselor sent them in but I had a C in one class so I’m kinda stressed about that

Good luck to everyone tomorrow!!!

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good luck everyone!<3

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Hi, does anyone know if there is a Barnard discord or online community anywhere?

Anybody want to post their stats and whether or not you got in? My daughter is applying RD and I’d love to have some sense of her chances. Thanks!

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Hi, I’m not sure if there’s a specific community but A2C (Applying 2 College Subreddit) has a Discord! A few Barnard applicants and I talk in one of the threads. You can find the Discord link on their reddit page, it won’t let me post it here :frowning:


Hi! Happy to hear your daughter is applying, it’s a fun admissions process! I recently got my acceptance letter, I’ll be happy to share my stats.

GPA: 4.0 UW, 4.39 W
Class Rank: 1
SAT/ACT: Test optional (never took it)
ECS: District education leader, yearbook, tutor, president of an online club during distance learning. No big academic awards.

I also go to a CA Title I school, meaning I was the only girl to apply ED so my chances were raised significantly. Context absolutely matters so make sure to take that into account! Also, the supplements are SUPER important. Barnard wants to see girls who prioritize Barnard, not just a Colombia backup. Good luck! Let us know how she does :slight_smile:


Hello! My daughter was accepted ED. Her stats:

GPA: 3.9 UW, 4.2 W
School does not rank
Did not submit SAT/ACT
ECS: equestrian (competitive), student ambassador, TA for 3 yrs in high school (physics, chemistry, Spanish), worked at a gelato store ~15 per week, volunteered at a local hospital, interned with GI specialist, and participated in a few other clubs/organizations at school. She attends an independent school in CA.

Daughter wanted Barnard. She didn’t consider applying to Columbia.