Barnard Waitlist 2025

I did not apply for the aid. I did not get the letter.

I did not apply for the aid. I did not get the letter.

D did not apply for the aid, she did not get the letter.

We are still in the running then, D did not apply for aid and no letter!!

Any updates?

Nope maybe sometime this week?

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A lot of people are saying Barnard’s waitlist has closed. Did anyone try contacting them recently?

Where did you see that? I hope it’s not true! Did you receive an email.

No I never got the email but some people on Reddit were saying it’s closed. I just don’t understand what’s taking them so long :confused:

It did not close. My guidance counselor spoke to them a few days ago. It won’t be closed until the end of July. People probably just think it closed because they got the rejection emails.

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Did they say anything to your guidance counselor about the number of spots they’ve filled or if they’ve filled most of the spots?

They actually said they only let a limited amount of people off the waitlist which kind of gives me the vibe that they only took off a few of who they plan to.

So do you get the feeling they will be letting a lot more people off in the next month?

The vibe I got is that they still aren’t done taking people off.

Any updates?

Do we think they will do another wave soon?

It’s just too quiet!!

if they do it’s probably towards the end of June

Why do you think end of June?

I’m just guessing since they let ppl off towards the end of April so maybe the end of this month. But I expected some sort of update last week :confused: