Barnard Waitlist 2025

The wait is killing me. I wish we could call and ask when (if even) they plan to remove people


this is literally taking forever

Any updates?

haven’t heard anything :confused:

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Hey guys- sorry for the stressful time for you all. I am applying to Barnard this fall and I was wondering if some of you all accepted off the waitlist or anyone who applied would be willing to share their stats. I will have around a 4.25 GPA (weighted) when I apply and I have a 34 on the ACT. I have fallen in love with the school, but I am afraid my stats are not enough.

hi! I was waitlisted and then rejected (although barnard’s waitlist is need-aware and my family is low-income and applied for aid), so i’m not sure how much help this will be, but I applied with a 4.8 W / 4.1 UW GPA, 1540 SAT, and 10 AP classes with 6 passing scores (the other 4 AP’s i took this year). i have a few extracurriculars but i mainly just work at my job, and i think my essays were pretty strong. i didn’t get into barnard, but i somehow got into princeton. the admissions process is so weird, don’t stress yourself out, and just try your best and demonstrate a strong interest in your top schools on your apps. I think the fact that you’re already looking at schools and preparing your application is a good sign! just spend a lot of time on your applications and be ambitious with where you apply!! whatever happens, you’ll be fine :slight_smile:

They could be waiting for Spring grade reports!

There is a recent conversation available on YouTube with admissions from Barnard and Stanford by the consulting group Expert Admissions.

In this presentation, they discuss their current waitlist - to paraphrase: Barnard went early, reiterated the value of submitting your LOCI quickly and sounds done with the exception of possible summer withdrawals. Similar comments from the Stanford AO too.

I am unsure why schools do not openly communicate this with students on the list. Recommend listening to this presentation or at least fast forwarding to hear about the waitlist.

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Yeah sounds like Barnard is full and have been since May 1st :frowning: they probably won’t be taking any more students. I wish they would have just told us earlier