Barrett Honors College Roommate

<p>Hello, </p>

<p>I have been admitted into ASU's Industrial Engineering program, and have yet to apply for Barrett. It turns out, with the program I wanted to be involved int (BS/MS 4+1 program and a Technology Entrepreneurship Certificate), adding Honors courses to live in Barrett's nicest dorms would forever chain me to my desk... Really, Barrett's living options (to me, at least) is one of it's best feature. So I had this grand idea~ what if I post a wanted ad looking for a Barrett Honors College roommate to request me? So, I have done just that.</p>

If you have been admitted into Barrett Honors College and is slated to go in the Fall 2012, I ask you to PM if you need a roommate (out-of-state or in-state students). It would catalyze the craazy fun times you would have in college by rooming with a stranger.
So hit me up!</p>