Baton Rouge - Police Officers Shot

Two movements collide:

Baton Rouge Shooter Gavin Eugene Long Was Nation Of Islam Member, Railed Against Crackers on YouTube

Thus post is all over my Facebook feed now. “Please don’t let hate infect your heart. This city MUST and WILL get better.” Slain Baton Rouge police officer Montrel Jackson.

So shocker (if that link is true… I don’t tend to take the Daily Caller at face value) a racist man went and killed people.

Why does it come out so often that murderous individuals were explicitly racist? Dylann Roof comes immediately to mind.

(That is a rhetorical question.)

More guns, more paranoia, more hatred, more murders. What can anyone say.

Also seeing reports from the WSJ that Long may have been affiliated with a right-wing militia group called the “New Freedom Group” (part of Sovereign Citizen movement.)

Watching MSNBC, it appears this wasnt about race, but he was part of several anti government groups, also he killed Black officer/s. I have to wonder if there was some PTSD involved? He and the Dallas shooter were both former military.

I wonder if these recent events will stop the facile “if only there’d been a good guy with a gun” rhetoric.

@DonnaL Notice how the NRA has been quiet, so the answer is NO

There are no simple solutions to terrorism, killings etc. These things need to be attacked from multiple angles but gun control is certainly one of them, No matter how many die, including people they know, you can never convince wackos about things that make common sense.

He wasn’t a Nation of Islam member; he didn’t belong to a sovereign citizen group. His Facebook page (under a pseudonym, “Cosmo Setepenra") is full of the same sort of extreme, incoherent, Afrocentric/Ancient Egyptian/New Agey content that Micah Johnson believed in, along with praise for the Dallas shooter, calls for violent resistance, and comparisons of that resistance to the American Revolution.

I’m not actually surprised that there were originally reports that he was a sovereign citizen, because some of his rhetoric sounds way more like a “government tyranny” rant than BLM stuff…

Like Micah Johnson, he was a veteran – a sergeant in the Marines who spent almost a year in Iraq.

@DonnaL this is what I mentioned in post #25.

Dark clouds seem to be in our immediate future regarding policing, protesting and politics.


We can’t stop caring.

Interesting New York Times article:

It seems that he was not only an advocate of an extreme Afrocentric/New Agey/sovereign citizen ideology, but was clearly mentally ill:

So he was indeed a mentally ill lone wolf. But he will never be given that label in the same way as someone like Dylan Roof or Jared Loughner. BLM will be blamed. (Remember how outraged people were after Loughner shot Gabby Giffords and people dared to suggest that he might have been influenced by the right-wing imagery and rhetoric of putting targets and bullseyes over pictures of liberal politicians?)

Yeah, he was confused.

But a lot of people are, and the last few years of ‘racist cop’ rhetoric isn’t helping them get better. Just more dead cops, which is only going to translate to more dead young black men, since the police are the only governor on how many of them kill each other.



That there’s some kind of equivalence between that statement and what has been trumpeted since Trayvon Martin is a dubious proposition, at best.

@catahoula Are you suggesting that BLM is to blame for this shooting, and it couldnt possibly be that this man was mentally ill? Can you not fathom that being fed a constant diet of unarmed black men being killed , being looped nonstop on the news, could possibly have anything to do with this, with a mentally ill person going over the edge?

He doesn’t sound at all confused to me. He is stating a list of organizations and affiliations that would be likely to be identified as “the reason” for his act, and saying they were not the reason. What’s confused about that?

There’s more out there on him than I’m willing to read, but…
… I’ll stick with confused, consolation.

The trite answer would be that both could be true. Words do have meaning and consequences.

The truth is more complicated, as always and it’s been a long day.

Consider this, partyof5: The ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ meme - which I recall has been defended as a metaphor, since it proved to not be the truth - is so poisonous simply because it blurs over fact. The fact that holding your hands up and surrendering would have averted the majority of these shootings.

And the ‘metaphor’ defense wasn’t made by anyone here -

Gruenloh and the rest simply haven’t thought it through. I’ve done the same, more times than I can count.

Anyone who believes that they’re the subject of mind-control weapons and remote brain experimentation is way more than merely confused!

Only speaking of the last here, but as to Castile and Sterling… they were both armed.

Both should have walked away, Castile especially, but carrying doesn’t improve your chances when you’re stopped by police. White or black.