Baton Rouge - Police Officers Shot

Turned on the tv this morning and saw this going on - thought I may be watching old footage from another time, had to check several stations to confirm this is happening now. So, so, sad - really just awful. The pain keeps coming every day…


Done caring until we decide enough is enough.

3 officers killed, others wounded . . . . and this thread going essentially unnoticed on CC. Have we really become so jaded?

Or do people really not understand that this is not Dallas, not the prior Baton Rouge shooting, but something that’s unfolding now in Baton Rouge?

I think we’re all just numb. Plus, what else is there to say?

Wow, I just landed, returning from an international flight.i havent has a lot access to news for the past week. It saddens me that some individuals have decided to punish officers and not wait for justice. I said it after the Dallas shooting though, it won’t be the last time.

Dark clouds seem to be in our immediate future regarding policing, protesting and politics.

Echoing EB and 3bm. I’m sorry, but I just stopped caring a long time ago. It sucks, but we’ve collectively decided as a country not to do a damn thing about this. I don’t send thoughts and I don’t believe in prayer. I’ve done what I can. I lobby my reps and work to get gun reform politicians into power.

When we have decided that tennis balls are more important to control than guns, I just really can’t care about the scores of lives that are lost every day. I grieve for the children. They haven’t made it to the point in their lives where they can choose to do something to prevent this.

Some witnesses are reporting that there was a shooting going on between civilians as officers arrived on the scene and engaged. Not entirely sure how true that it.

Newest comments on the news is that this may have nothing to do with police being targeted but police being shot in the middle of an existing shooting between others. Reported on news now that BR police say this is not a race related shooting. I hope not - some of the comments on local news FB pages are very disturbing.

It won’t matter if this is not a targeted police shooting. Given the recent events, most will think it is , regardless of what the news reports.

At least people will be safe in Cleveland this week with those open carry laws except in the perimeter of the convention where they’re not allowed,

All the bad news is affecting my sleep. I can’t continue caring as deeply as I have. We get the country we deserve, I guess.

A policeman was shot in Milwaukee last night. The shooter apparently committed suicide.

Our very good friends who live in Cleveland just left our house to go home. I begged them to keep in touch with me over the next 3 days. Luckily, they don’t live right in the downtown area anymore, he is going to work remotely this week (his work is near the perimeter), and she works outside of Cleveland in the summer.

It shouldn’t be this way. It just really shouldn’t be this way.

It’s not a rough neighborhood despite what CNN said. It’s a heavily commercial area. There is a large shopping center right across the street. I’m at that shipping center every couple of weeks for some reason or other.

Very impressed with Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards. We need to hear more temperate and evocative words, like his remarks were a few moments ago in the press conference in Baton Rouge.

I have been pretty impressed by the governor these last couple of weeks.

For those who don’t know, he is from a law enforcement family. His father was a sherif and I believe his brother still is.

There is also posting about this in the other Louisiana shooting thread.

Police union leaders in Cleveland today asked Ohio Governor John Kasich to suspend the ‘open carry’ gun law so that no weapons would be permitted in the city during the Republican convention. Kasich gave his condolences to the police community in Baton Rouge but explicitly said that a Governor has no right to revoke, overrule or otherwise cancel the state or federal constitutions.