Batten Scholarship?

Anyone have any idea how competitive this scholarship is? Daughter and at least 2 friends from her high school are in the “final round” of consideration, so it makes me think there are still many in the running. Is the essay or interview more immportant? Full tuition would be amazing. Thanks for any insight. Good luck to everyone!!

Good morning. My daughter was invited to the final round and was curious about this as well. I don’ have any answers for you unless you can read between the lines of the sign ups. Do you think that each slot is for one student or 2 or 3? I’m not even sure how many total Battens they give out, but that $75 million donation may mean a few more!

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We can hope for a few more scholarships granted now that they have that donation, right?!! I do think it is several students in each slot, as I think my daughter and a friend signed up for the same time (but I’m not 100% sure of this!).

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My daughter has scheduled her interview for this scholarship, but she is having trouble finding information on it to prepare for the interview (like what are they looking for in candidates and what the interview format will be). Any tips would be appreciated!

I have been searching for information about what to expect about this weekend event and this is about the only thing about it on the internet!

What was the process like? What was the “competition?” How was the interview? How was the entire weekend? Did any of your students decide to attend Hollins and if so, how do they like it?

Hey I have my interview coming up soon, and was wondering how the interview format ended up working out. What were the interviews like and what kind of general questions are asked?

Thanks for any info!