Baylor EA 2025

I just wanted to start this thread for everyone who is applying to Baylor EA class of 2025 to talk, get to know more about the process and to ask any questions they may have to anyone who responds. Also if anyone wants to put their stats, quantitative, qualitative or both, that’d be fine too!

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I’ve sumbitted my app EA! Is anyone applying to the honors college??

@yagirl932 I was going to. How do I do that?

Hi I submitted my application on October 2nd. Has anyone gotten a response or know approximately when the first round of admissions decisions come out :slight_smile:

@2021senior not sure. I have not submitted my application yet, but plan to within the next week!

@2021senior The website says we’ll be notified by Jan 15

Is anyone applying to getterman scholars, I2E or any of the other scholarship programs?

My daughter participated in the Rising Seniors Summer of Discovery program.
She submitted her application September 17th and was accepted on September 30th.

Anyone know why they asked for our tshirt size on the app? Do we get one when we are accepted? lolol

@TxmomBaylor Are you talking about Fall 2021 admissions? How did you get the acceptance already? I thought the EA decisions come out in Jan 2021.

In general, does all Baylor EA decisions come out in Jan or do they start trickling in from now onwards?

I saw an instagram post of a texas mom that both her twins were accepted to Baylor on Oct 2nd. Baylor says just EA or ED but I know other schools, like Minnesota, admit the strong candidates as they review their apps–they just don’t advertise rolling admissions. Is Baylor the same?

@vannevka I really have no idea how they do it in Baylor. Especially for Fall 2021 applicants. I would assume the decisions come out mid January

Yes, for Fall 2021. Students who participated in the Summer of Discovery Rising Seniors program with a GPA of 3.0 or higher were pushed to the front of the line.

My daughter applied EA in mid September. She’s participating in Baylor Premiere today and was invited to a special breakout session, where she received her admission. She also received the President’s Merit Scholarship, so we’re thrilled!
She has a 35 ACT and an unweighted 4.0. (All advanced classes)

I applied EA and also got my acceptance during Baylor premiere today!! Excited for next year

@2021senior @Swammom that’s great! I have a feeling I will be waiting until mid January to get my decision, as I will be applying in a few days EA

My daughter also participated in Baylor Premiere today and received a text to go to a session at 12:30, but she couldn’t get the Zoom link to load on her phone. Maybe that would have been where she learned about her acceptance and scholarship?

She came out of her room yelling tonight and about scared me to death. She received her acceptance via email and I believe the President’s Merit ($92,000 over four years). She applied in August. We are excited and looking forward (with fingers crossed) to the complete financial aid offer down the road.

For reference: 10 AP classes, 5 honors, 6 years of French with dual credit. 3.73 UW / 4.3 W. Baylor’s Website says test scores are not considered in merit scholarship decisions for 2021, but she submitted a 32 ACT (not a superscore).

@JenR8R @Swammom @2021senior Are you all from Texas? Do you know if Baylor is sending out early admissions only to Texas residents?

We submitted the EA application only last week and very interested in hearing from Baylor.

We didnt know about the premier event or else would have attended!

@norcalfre My son got his acceptance last night for Marketing. We live in CA, he applied EA with no SAT as he’s gotten cancelled out of every SAT sitting since March. He applied on 10/2. Attended lots of virtual sessions and Premier on Saturday. Was totally shocked to get that email last night. The email was sent to him and both parents telling him he got a special message in his portal.

@norcalfre We do happen to live in Texas, but Baylor does not prefer or admit TX kids earlier. In fact, I think it probably works in your favor to be out of state because they like to have kids from all over. My daughter applied to Baylor in September and 2 weeks later received an invitation to Premiere. I know Premiere filled up before your son/daughter applied so that’s why you didn’t receive an invitation. The event consisted of 30 minute sessions for most, if not all, majors, as well as sessions for spiritual life/Greek life/residential life/traditions, etc. They sessions were all recorded. I would encourage you to contact admissions and ask for the links; I think you’ll enjoy them; it was very well done! All the best to you!