Because of COVID, can I mail my PSAT scores to colleges instead of SAT scores?

As of right now I’m a senior, and I would’ve taken my SATs last spring. I wasn’t able to take them at all because of the pandemic; my state all but cancelled them. I know schools are SAT-optional now, but I did really well on my PSATs, and I know they’re reflective of how my actual SAT scores would look. Is it a weird idea to mail my PSAT scores to the colleges I’m applying to in place of the SATs?

You would have to contact each school to see if they would even consider them. Do you think that will really improve your application (i.e. to make up for some bad grades)?

I would say that it’s not going to hurt, and it may help.

Traditionally, PSAT scores aren’t used, and I would say not to send it. But a few schools - Michigan comes to mind - have specifically said a PSAT could be used/helpful to an application if standardized testing was canceled/not available.

With a quick explanatory note as above, I’d go ahead and send it. Worst case, they just discard it.