Bedding - finding King dimensions large enough

We are shopping for new King sized bedding, and it seems most comforters have dimensions that seem too small (even with bed skirt). Fine, I thought… let’s just get a bedspread. Then there could even be room to cover the pillows as we like to do. Surprisingly, bedspread dimensions also seem small.

An old bedspread we borrowed from guestroom closet (for when twin trundle popped up) is about 130width x 116. We could go a bit smaller, but many seem much smaller (around 108x92). The bedding photos and displays seem misleading - I think they show King size on a smaller bed.

So far the best I can find is LL Bean (116x120). That would be OK, but the colors are not what we had in mind - ideally want to look good with a monet print (and valences) that we have had forever still love.
Vintage Matelassé BedspreadItemQueen^1Color/StyleSoft%20Teal

A quick search at Macy’s found this, which in a King is 120 X 124 but I was also wondering if you looked at anything for a Cal King.|BED_AND_BATH_TYPE!!Cal%20King|Bedspreads

My king bedding and quilt are almost a complete square. They might be an inch or two off but not much. In fact, I like the bottom sheets that tell you which is the bottom or side because I can’t tell without. But the sheet fits better if I put it on the correct way. :wink:


Oooh… ooh… just found this (King/Cal. King: bedspread is 120x118")

I have a coverlet 108x96 for our king bed. The corners almost touch the floor. Pine Cone Hill quilted silken coverlet. I also purchased a full/queen and had a seamstress make a flat bed skirt that matched. All in robin’s egg blue, a muted pale bluish teal.

I prefer rounded corners, but very hard to find.

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Thanks for the inputs. Today I ordered this Madison Park bedspread from Macy’s (King 120x118, yellow). If we have concerns about the color or bulkiness at corners, we’ll return and restart our hunt.

That’s pretty. Our bedroom isn’t too big so I would trip over those corners.

Our room has plenty of space, but I still have concerns on the corners. At the foot of the bed we have a large, lovely cherry hope chest that my husband built. I am not yet sure if the will help (or hurt) the corner situation.

We used a blanket of similar color to confirm it works with our beloved Monet print and valences. (They are decades old, but right before Covid we attended a Denver Monet painting exhibit,… so we love them even more). Now we can move on to picking wall color (probably very pale green or blue), after having lived with the builder Navajo-white (walks and ceiling) for 27 years. It’s nice being retired and having time to finally do this.

FYI - You can get similar item in coverlet (King 104x94). Less coverage, but less bulky corner

UPDATE: We ordered the both MadisonPark Mansfield bedspread and the smaller coverlet in yellow, to coordinate with our Monet decorating scheme. We kept the coverlet and will begrudgingly return the bedspread

More details: After new bed delivery, we tried both. The bedspread had generous dimensions, no problem doing fold at pillow (old fashioned bedspread style). Unfortunately the nice midwieght material was too heavy in that size to do easy bedmaking - it required 2 people or going back/forth from side to side at the bed. So we will be keeping only the coverlet, used along with a printed bedskirt we had that matches the valences. I wish the coverlet were longer since even with the bed skirt it is a bit of a compromise over the pillows (we are not keen on throw pillows etc). We almost kept both, but I’m in the mood to have less stuff in the closets not more.

Note: If you like the MadisonPark Mansfield links in this trhead, shop around for your desired size/color. There are a variety of prices, some good deals. We also had ordered another color coverlet from Bed Bath and Beyond. Also I think Kohls and Amazon had it, maybe with slightly different model name.

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