Been accepted need pros and cons

Seattle University

Help please

We need to know more!!

What is your major and career goal?

Are your parents saying that they’ll pay all the costs for these schools? If not, how much will they pay?

Did you apply for aid? Have you seen an aid pkg? None of these schools promise to meet need.

Did you run the Net Price Calculators on each school’s website?

And you say “med school”.

And you are the parent…

Are their costs affordable?

Where do you think she’s get the best GPA?

Good merit at all of them I just don’t know which has the most rigor, I don’t want her to get bored

She needs to be challenged or she gets distracted. Right now her interest is genetics. Looking for any opinions any might have. 4.+ Student

No one gets bored with a premed coursework path. No one. Not at any good school. College isn’t high school. Premed prereqs are not “dumbed down” so that the Average Joe will keep up.

And looking for the “most rigor” is very shortsighted if the goal is med school. I can’t tell you how many GPAs are ruined by premeds seeking schools that have “too much rigor”!!!

Any of those schools will keep her busy/challenged. At this point, which ones does she like best and will not require much in loans?

“Good merit” means nothing. Are the NET COSTS the same.

. Premedi s simply the path she would be on until her path diverges. Chapman is the least affordable and would require the largest work around.

Academically I don’t think you can find a big enough variance to overcome cost and fit. They’ll all be hard. Believe me. I would focus on happiness because the call will undoubtedly come first semester from any of these schools telling you how hard it is compared to high school. And you don’t need location or vibe unhappiness to accompany that call.

Depending on your child’s background she might get bored the first semester or 2 but don’t let that fool you for the rest of her academic work as she progresses. All of those schools will offer challenges if your D wants them.

Only have familiarity with LMU & Seattle University. Both are excellent schools. If cost is equal, then pick by location & availability of any special programs or major of interest.

Obvious that there is a significant difference location wise.

Willamette is, as you know, in Salem, Oregon.

Willamette is also an excellent school.

What do you mean by that?

Then why have Chapman on the list? Curious…why would it require the largest work around?

By work around I mean the most money MGMT since it’s the most expensive. When I say her path diverges, from what I gather until she get into the more specialized reaserch part of things her path would be basically pre-med

Sounds like Chapman can be taken off the list.

So, are you saying that she’s not premed? Is she going to major in biology and then do what?

What type of school will she be attending after undergrad? Grad school or med school?
If your answer is “med school,” then she’ll be premed the entire time she’s an undergrad.

Your posts are confusing. Is English your second language?

When you’re talking about “more specialized research,” are you talking about when she’s a junior or senior in high school? If not, when are you talking about?

Anyway, has she visited any of these schools? What does she like or dislike about any of them?

She will be attending grad school, Chapman is her fave at the moment that’s why I’m trying to get opinions about the other schools

What are you talking about?? More “specialized research” as an undergrad? What is your expectation?

Our daughter loved Chapman when we visited…but at that time 2005…their sciences were not particularly strong. Has that changed?

If your kid is has the intention to apply to medical school…why are you talking about grad school? Or is medical school the grad school you are talking about.

Your posts are not clear.

In terms of choice…let your daughter choose. Presumably you let her apply to these colleges because they were all able to be on the table if accepted. If that is the case remember…SHE is going to college…not you.

There will be “rigor” at any college.

Deleted off-topic posts about prisons. has some nice calculators that can help your daughter compare the aid and the schools. Scroll to the bottom of that page, and click on “Calculators”. Scroll down the next page to find “Award Letter Comparison Tool (Advanced)”. This one allows her to enter in factors that aren’t solely financial.

If she thinks that she wants in for the long slog through undergrad, and med school or a PhD, she needs to start getting over the notion that she has to have external sources of “rigor” in order to be able to stay on track. Surviving either of those pathways requires a huge level of self-motivation. Without that, she won’t get far at all no matter where she begins college. With that, she can get to med school or a PhD program no matter wher she starts out.

Ok, so NOT premed at all in ANY way. Her entire path is a BS in Biology.

And interested in Genetics or Biotechnology.

Of those 4 choices, the best is LMU.

Did she apply to any national universities? It would seem like she’d want to be at a research univ.

She would like to do grad school at UCSD or similar possibly but at 17 she’s still finding her way