Beginner classes in the arts

Hello! Before I get into my question I want to state that I’m a junior in high school and have no experience at all in performance or acting in any kind. I also will be applying undecided to college/university.With that said, I am now interested in acting. I have other questions related to this topic but why not make another one.

My question is what are some schools that have performing arts/theatre/drama classes for beginners( I mean total newbies). I know some schools have theatre that anyone can join, but I’m specifically talking classes.

Because I have no prior knowledge or experience on stage I don’t think I’ll be able to major in this. At least not into a get a taste of I and see if I like it or not. So I’m looking for somewhere where they have this option. And other various type of classes.

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Each of the 10 schools my D applied to have intro acting classes offered. It isn’t anything she is interested in and hasn’t taken any but I gave a quick look and they are available. The LAC she attends has core requirements that are taught by rotating faculty members so you could take a class on ancient texts taught by the drama department.

Look for schools that offer theater programs. They will all offer an entry level acting class. Many schools have some sort of “art” requirement for graduation and they offer things for all ability levels so students can fulfill it while maybe trying something new.

Maybe check out Bennington. It is a top school for drama but you do not need experience to take classes in that area.

@fernanda10 I just reread your previous posts and have a bit of unsolicited advice. Honestly, I think you are putting too much importance on finding a school that offers individual elective classes. Your financial situation is going to be your biggest obstacle. You really need to be looking at ways to identify affordable options. Others have recommended Questbridge and lists of schools that meet 100% of your demonstrated need. If you are serious about going to college and getting out of your home state, this is way more important than identifying a single Acting 1 class (that is literally offered at every community college within daily commuting distance of my house, which is 3, but not likely affordable since I live up north and you are OOS).

Try to start a Marvel movie club at your school or get a job so you have another EC other than the one club. Identify a realistic financial plan and worry less about a specific class.


My S is an acting major. Every school he applied to had an acting 1 class for non majors.

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I’m pretty sure you will find those classes at every college.

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They may, but they might not be available to non-majors. My daughter started as a theater major and there were about 30 kids entering the program every year. They took the lowest level classes, and rarely was there a spot for others (department locked registration until all majors got into the class).

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