Being admitted to Stanford

<p>I am from the Middle East from Palestine exactly.
I have low grades in high school and the SAT, I have never cared to study so I didn't get good grades. On the other side I have always been the best in mathematics and physics in my class, all of my teachers said that.
I got 640 on the Mathematics section in the SAT and 340 Writing and 380 reading, I never cared to study for it but my mum made me do it, and I almost stayed all of the test helping my friend pass the math section.
I have many extra curriculum activities like, Helping the Blind learn to work on the computer, I built my schools Lap, I have a CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate ) Degree, I made many computer Programs, love to self teach my self things that I won't take at school.
And I think I have a pretty amazing Essay for my Application which is</p>

<p>Creative Learning
A machine takes instruction to process information and to output things from inputs, the way it was programmed to do it. A human being learns, digests information, processes other experiences, builds upon other people’s thoughts and believes. As it is impossible for a machine to develop its own ways of solving problems, a smart human being will take instruction but it will be as easy to forget or to mislead these instructions and make a big chaos. Taking instructions by a human being without him being convinced by it will never develop creativity.
As of my personal experience I have concluded that for me to be a straight “A” student will require to follow instructions precisely as they were told to me. I have never been able to do that despite all of the pressures around me from my parents to my teachers, who all said “just do it as it was shown to you”. My eleventh grade Mathematics teacher once said to me “your way of solving this problem is a hundred percent right, but I will not give you any marks for this problem in your test because it is not the way it was shown in the textbook” this example has been repeated and repeated tens of times in my life, so my grades were not as good as I deserve.
I love mathematics and physics. I love the way a mathematician found how to solve a certain problem; I saw it as that beautiful paint which I could stay for hours and hours Gazing at, thinking about the way he thought about and trying to find real world applications for. But when mathematics is all about memorizing steps and following them, I then begin to be a rebel, trying to solve that problem in every possible way. When I get it right I feel like in heaven, but when showing it to the teacher or whoever will grade my test will say “what is that???”, and put a very large X upon although it was mathematically right.
I have always dreamed about a different style of learning which I found in leading universities, I loved the way they were teaching science and encouraging the students to think and to love what they learn. I hope the opportunity to study at an excellent college will be possible for me, so I could be able to change the way of teaching, in my home country, and create a generation which loves to learn just for learning and making the world a better place.
So do I have a 1 percent chance to be admitted and by the way the family income is less than 10000$ a year</p>

<p>Stanford is one of the most selective schools in the US. It attracts the very best students from all over the world -- the vast majority of whom have top grades and top scores. You do not have either. An essay by itself won't get you in. You can certainly apply if you want to but the odds are very much against you.</p>

<p>I know that I have almost no chance But I have applied anyway</p>

<p>Good luck :)</p>

<p>What do you think of my essay.</p>

I know that I have almost no chance But I have applied anyway


<p>Those scores, that essay, and perhaps if you solve the Palestinian-Israeli peace process will allow you make it to Stanford. Your low verbal SAT scores will be a hindrance in doing well at a top American university. Please find a trusted adult who can guide you to appropriate match and safety schools. At least look up the common data sets for school that may interest you and base your applications on those that are in your ball park. Only the most selective U.S. universities give large enough financial aid awards to allow most needy international applicants the opportunity to attend. Your low grades and test scores just won't do it. Good luck.</p>

<p>I think you would be better served to look elsewhere for college.</p>

<p>Plainly said, you cannot get into Stanford as an international applicant seeking aid.</p>

<p>Sorry man, you are in way over your head. Those SAT and I assume grades are terrible, and Stanford is one of the most selective universities in America. Being international and needing aid doesnt help you either.</p>

I almost stayed all of the test helping my friend pass the math section.


<p>Erm, isn't that cheating?</p>

<p>Yes that is but not me cheating me helping someone cheat</p>

<p>You have absolutely no chance at Stanford with a 1360 SAT. Sorry to be harsh, but that's that. Unless you were a developmental admit being recruited for football, were an internationally renowned violinist, and were not an international applying for aid and had a perfect GPA and perfect SAT 2s that showed your SAT was a huge anomaly. And a perfect essay - yours is riddled with grammatical error.</p>

<p>I can't help but think that this is a troll. New to the site with only 4 posts. Surely this can't be for real. If this is a serious question then my apologies.</p>

Look I know I won't get admittance now, and I have no doubt about that, but look you have ,I think, seen people with very high almost perfect SAT scores and GPA's who didn't get admitted into Stanford, it is not all about grades.
I will go to a local University to Study Electrical Engineering after I pass, the Tawjihi test with one of the 10 highest grades among the 80000 other student's who are doing that test, I now have something to study for and be the best and get the grades I have always deserved, and then I will be applying for Stanford as a graduate student.
And I will get accepted (Inshaallah)</p>

Why do you think it is a troll yes I have signed up to this Forum to ask this question</p>

Yes that is but not me cheating me helping someone cheat


<p>Actually, it's BOTH of you cheating.</p>

<p>trololo~ consider community college</p>

<p>Ummm...admitting that you cheated on the SAT isn't really helping your case either. Sorry, but with your scores, there is virtually no chance of Stanford accepting you.</p>

<p>why did you capitalize "gazing"?</p>

<p>I don't think the guy is a troll - no one would spend that much time constructing an essay just to see it lost and forgotten after about 1/2 hour on CC. I do believe the OP needs to be tops in Palestine and then apply to graduate school. The story here isn't sufficiently compelling to overcome the low stats. Had the story been finished with some amazing mathematical proof published in some math journal (thus proving the point that the OP is unconventional about math but nonetheless brillian), then maybe. But as it stands now, I would say probably not. But no one here is a Stanford admissions officer, so as always, we all generally say take your shot if you really want to!</p>