Beirut Port Explosion - Son and Girlfriend OK

I’ve gotten several notes asking me if my son is OK. He and his girlfriend are fine. They were in his 8th floor apartment in a strong, reinforced concrete building. It shook violently and some things broke. They ran outside. His apartment is pretty close to the port warehouse where they explosion occurred.

Thanks for posting. I thought of you when heard the news just now.

I thought of your son too and am glad to know you heard from him and he is OK.

So glad they are safe!

So glad for your excellent news, @MaineLonghorn . I just saw the headline and came to CC hoping to see exactly what you wrote. Thank you and all the best to them and you going forward.

Thanks for letting us know they are safe.

Both of my kids live overseas and it can be so stressful knowing there is no way to help.

I just saw the news and came straight here. Thanks for posting.

Was just going to pm you. Thanks for letting us know.

He sent a photo of lots of broken glass all over his living room. His girlfriend got a little in her foot, but they were able to get it out. They were fortunate.

Oy!! Tell them to both come back stateside. …

Your son was my first thought - couldn’t remember if he was already back there. Thank you for letting us know. I realize there are many who weren’t as lucky as your son and his girlfriend but am so relieved to learn they are safe.

@Knowsstuff not much chance of that! His girlfriend is Syrian so she is not allowed to come here. They are planning on going to Germany after she graduates in December, but of course that may not be possible for my son!

He just texted me that he knows people are going to say, “I told you so” when they hear the news. I told him an explosion like that can happen anywhere, and I honestly did not even THINK those words.

I too thought of your son right away, and I’m so glad to see your post. I hope the couple stays safe.

Do they have a safe place to go?

@MaineLonghorn Thanks for letting us know. Our power just came back on and I was going to PM you.

@momofsenior1, that’s a good question. I will ask him.

Yes, thank you. It is amazing that being on CC makes you think if a specific poster when something like that happens. Glad they are safe.

Thanks for posting. Like others, I thought of you right away.

I also thought of you when I read about the explosion, @MaineLonghorn . I came to the forum to see if you had posted, and I am glad to see that your S & his GF are okay. My SIL has family in Beirut … I need to check with him to see if they have heard anything.

My son in law said that none of his relatives live or work near the area of the explosion, so he thinks they are okay. His mom is going to do a check with her sister to make sure.