Belmont 2025

Anybody else apply to Belmont for the fall? I was hoping to hear something about scholarship decisions soon. Has anyone gotten word – if those have been released or when they might be? Thanks!

We got the initial academic offer that they sometimes do. Maximum is 10,000 in the fall. That was before Christmas. We haven’t heard about any named scholarships. Trying so hard to be patient. Argh

Ok, thanks! Same here. I got a scholarship notification soon after my acceptance, but I haven’t heard back about named scholarships. I hate waiting, too!

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Hey! FYI. She finally got a letter in the mail about a music scholarship. I hope you hear more soon!

My daughter was a later applicant to Belmont and received her acceptance about a week after applying (late February I think). She is waiting to hear now on her major: songwriting and music business. Is anyone else on the thread waiting to hear? (based on portfolio submission)