Bentley 2024 Regular Decision

Starting a thread because my son just applied and my daughter is a sophomore at Bentley so I might be able to answer questions. Good luck to all!

Can you share some about your D’s experience so far, touching on academics, social life, internships/career center, anything of note?

Sure! Bentley has been an incredible school, perfect fit for my daughter. She applied for the Women’s Leadership Program which is an extra 10k scholarship per year. She lived on the Women’s leadership floor freshman year and became friends with international students from Pakistan, Jordan, and India…really broadened her horizons. The classes are very challenging and we like that it is a liberal arts-business school. She declared her major this year as accounting. There are amazing opportunities for internships in Boston but she was able to get a summer job where we live in CT to gain accounting experience so will do that again this summer.
My daughter is not a sorority girl and doesn’t drink but Greek life is prevalent. She pledged a community service fraternity and a business fraternity. She and her friends go into Harvard Square and Boston (they Uber) for dinner, shopping etc

Is your D doing study abroad and if so, how does she like the options available to Bentley students? @phillipians

There are great options but she is uncomfortable going for a full semester. She chose a ten day trip this May to Prague and Belgium that will count as a class because it is educational.

My daughter is concerned that there is not much going on during the weekends. She doesn’t mind studying hard but also wants to make sure she will have fun on the weekends. She isn’t a drinker but does enjoy parties and being with others and having fun. Do many kids take the shuttle into Harvard Square? Is there any parties on campus?

Yes they go into Harvard Square on shuttle and Uber into Boston. There are parties on campus and there are tons of clubs etc

I have a question now:)
My son decided to apply recently since his sister is there and was recommending the computer science program. The deadline was extended to today. His portal says everything is there except high school transcripts, but I know those were sent with teacher and guidance letters, which are there.
Should we just wait to see if it gets checked later today? Or maybe email them?

It won’t hurt to email for this valid question - it shows interest!

He just looked at the portal and everything is now checked, made it for the deadline in the nick of time! He applied everywhere else in the fall!

Just wondering if anyone did a zeemee on the Bentley application. When my daughter applied two years ago we had never heard of it.

Wondering since your D has already gone through this, if you could share information on her thoughts re. freshman housing. I read that there are two dorms (Miller and Slade) that provide housing to freshmen (other than Trees). From what I’ve read, Miller and Slade are Coed but do you know if that includes coed bathrooms and shower areas as well? Also any advice your D can provide regarding how to choose where to live and if this is something that freshmen even have a say in? Is it simply assigned/how the selection process actually occurs. I read housing assignments start in May for freshmen. Really appreciate any advice you may have! Thank you.

There are learning communities you can apply for and my daughter applied for the women’s leadership floor. This required an essay. Housing assignments do not happen until July as I recall, definitely not as early as May. My daughter went on the accepted students Facebook page to try to find a roommate and had trouble initially until she finally found the perfect roommate who also wanted to be on the Women’s Leadership floor which is not co ed!! It was an awesome freshman year and as her mom I was very relieved that she was not on a co Ed floor. You do not have to be accepted into the Women’s Leadership Program to apply to live on this floor.

One more thing about freshman housing…the Trees dorm and Slade dorm are right next to each other and all freshman are together… Miller is not close to them so not with all the other freshmen

Thank you, very helpful information!

Does anyone know if they roll admissions or are they all sent out on a certain date?

Decision will be on portal around March 16-17

Ugh so late!

Does anyone know if merit aid information will be available on the portal or sent in the mail?

The merit aid is on the portal With your acceptance and the financial (need based) aid is after that, can’t remember how many days later.