Bentley ED/ED2/RD Discussion

Bentley is my first top choice and I was wondering if anyone that got accepted during ED1 or plans to apply ED2/RD can share their stats. Thank you!

I applied for ED2 and now patiently waiting. I believe decision notifications are on February 1st, not sure what time.

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Also applied ED 2 and patiently waiting.

What are your stats?

And yup, patiently waiting. Really hope that we both get in!

still waiting, hope it comes out soon

Does anyone think it will be released early?

no word here

Their website shows that decisions are supposed to be released today. But from previous friends that went to Bentley, they said that they got an email/message 12-24 hours beforehand. I’m not sure how it works this year due to all the new stuffs.

I received an email, decisions will be released today at 4:30 ET.

What… when did you get it? I got no email. Did I get rejected or something…

I received it about an 1 ago. approximately 1:00 ET

Hmm alright. I got nothing but I’m not sure. I hope we both get in!

BTW when did you apply?


You applied to ED2 in November? Like right after their ED1 process?

correct, yes

Maybe that plays a role. I applied early January, few days before the deadline (7th). Maybe they mean like they will begin to release decisions beginning February 1st and so on. I guess I’ll find out at 4:30.

Good Luck

Update me when you have a status update!

Bentley Class of 2025!

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SAME HERE; Bentley Class of 2025!

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