Bentley University Chance me Brutally honest please!!!

Hi! Im a High School Senior from New Jersey and my dream school is Bentley. I have been emailing one of the admission counselor’s that my friend who is a freshman there talked to during his application process. My friend had a 2.8 GPA and a 1300/1600 SAT (New) but he applied ED. I told him I regret not applying ED and he added that note into my file (I am applying Regular Decision). I was just wondering what you guys think about my chances. I do not need to apply for any Financial Aid. Also, I added an additional essay into my file as to why bentleys moral’s fit mine.

GPA: 3.1
SAT out of 1600: 1260 Math:620 EBR: 640
Extra Curricular’s:
Track & Field Varsity Sprinter (4 Years)
Football Player (4 Years)
Basketball (4 Years and one of captains)
Taught a CCD class last summer with my sister teaching kids communion (Volunteer)
Worked for my dads auto body business over every summer (Paid)
Cashier 1 year at local restaurant in town (Paid)
Volunteered to help disabled kids learn and play basketball at the local middle school
Alter boy freshman year for confirmation hours
Coached a 5th grade Recreational basketball team my senior year
Helped set up the Relay for Life fundraiser every year at the High School
I also went on a campus visit last month

Wish I had that magic ball!! My niece got in with a lower SAT, but higher GPA. She also applied ED like your friend though. I do think Bentley takes a more holistic look at your application so all your EC’s will defiantly help you. Ask the Admissions counselor you’re talking to, but maybe a visit and interview would help as well.

Good Luck!!

Did you take Calculus? What’s your highest math?

I unfortunately did not. I would do that next year. But my friend did not take it his senior year either even though I know it is important. I am taking Stat this year

You definitely have a shot at getting in. Your SAT is lower than the average for the accepted students for the class of 2022, however. You do have a good amount of extracurriculars, which definitely should help your application. Good luck, decisions should be released in about 2 weeks, judging from when I got mine last year.

Rickthekid did you get accepted into Bentley?