Bentley University Class of 2024 Early Decision

Time is drawing near regarding ED I announcements of acceptance for applicants who applied by the November 15, 2019 deadline. Does anyone know what day in late December Early Decision acceptances were announced last December?

I just searched the older posts and it looks like the decisions were released Dec. 14, 2018.

Thank you!

The Bentley sub-forum is super quiet this year. Hopefully we’ll get some movement. My kid did not apply ED - only RD - best of luck to all ED applicants!

Eyy I applied ED I too, waiting for it. good luck to you

Hey guys, I’ll be applying ED2 to Bentley. I have a 3.49 with a 1200 SAT. Good luck to you all!

Any updates on the date of ED1 decisions? I checked Twitter accounts but they have not been updated since October…ugh!

I applied ED 1 too. My friend, who is working at the undergraduate admission office as a peer advisor, told me that tomorrow, 12/13/2019 will release a part of college decisions. I hope that helps :blush:

Son found out last night at 4:50! ED and we have a Falcon class of 2024

Can all students accepted or denied please post your stats.

Son denied ED1. 3.40 GPA 1130 SAT. Did Wall Street 101 over the summer. Was Bloomberg certified. Good luck to all!

Congrats @Kkmombear !

Sorry your son was denied @*purple1 - thanks for sharing stats… helps other students.

Congrats on your son’s acceptance. Do you mind sharing his stats?

I was accepted yesterday around 5pm! I have a 3.7 GPA and a 1300 SAT Score. Hope this helps

GPA 4.0
29 ACT
All Honors. Scholar athlete NHS,

Wonderful for your don. Thanks for sharing. Best of luck!!


Thank you and congratulations! Great school.

My daughter applied regular decision so we are still waiting to hear. For those who received acceptances, has there been any mention of an Accepted Students Day? Since we’re a few states away, we need to plan for overnight accommodations and take time off from work in the event she is accepted.

I just looked at Bentley calendar and April 4 is open house for accepted students