Bentley University RD Class of 2023

Good Luck to everyone! Anyone know when we will hear back?

My prediction based on past years is March 15th. The past few years I think it was on a Friday around that time.

The date I have is March 31. Not sure where I got that, but I hope it’s earlier!! It seems like colleges always tell you later so you’re pleasantly surprised she you hear earlier.

I agree with @jmswis because last year came out Mar. 16

Bentley’s website says “Late March” for admissions decisions, but in past years mid-March has been the date.

i did a net price calculator, why did it give me absolutely nothing??? because i absolutely am in need and qualify for financial aid

@gherbss did you get an acceptance and financial aid package from Bentley? If so…there is something on your Profile that indicates you can be full pay at this school. Either that…or they determined that they were not awarding you need based aid…which the CAN do…it’s their money.

If the net price calculator indicated NO need based aid, then either you goofed doing the entries…or you don’t qualify for need based aid at this school…which does not guarantee to meet full need for all.

In addition, Bentley uses the Profile to determine awarding of their institutional need based aid.

@thumper1 i feel like there’s something wrong with the calculator because i definitely do qualify for aid and i triple checked my entries. all of the private schools i’ve gotten accepted into gave me over $53k for need based scholarships… so i don’t know it’s just weird



You are also complaining about the net price calculator results for Boston University…another school that does NOT guarantee to meet full need.

IIRC, you got good aid at University of Richmond…which DOES guarantee to meet full need. Perhaps that is the difference…

can someone link the admissions portal I can’t find it and I deleted the original email

@thumper1 oh okay thank you

nvm im good

I didn’t get an email with a link to the admissions portal. Am I the only one who didn’t get that? Do they just flat out email you with a decision?

no there’s a portal

When do decisions come out?

@suzyQ7 I think next Friday

Will an email come out first or do we just keep checking the portal?

Last year they sent my son a text and tweeted the day before decisions were released. Historically they have been released the Friday that is closest to the middle of March (March 16th last year) so that would mean March 15th this year. Good luck everyone my son is there and LOVES it!

Hey everyone, I asked on Bentley admissions Twitter when they come out and they said the 15th. Hope this helps. Good luck everyone (you can look on their Twitter if you want)