Bentley University Transfer Thread Fall 2019

Hey Guys,
Now that first wave of transfer decisions are out, list out your decisions and stats.

wait some decisions have already come out?? i wanna hear from them ughhh

I applied for transfer for fall 2019.
Current freshman at fairfield university
3.2. college gpa
Originally applied in high school early decision and was deferred and later rejected.
had a 3.1 gpa in high school, played lots of sports and participated in clubs
also had lots of service hours as a mentor at my church
I had an interview 3 weeks ago for transfer
waiting on a decision
April 17th as of right now

Just found out that I got in today!!
SAT 1480
ACT 33
High school valedictorian
College GPA: 3.85

Accepted for Fall 2019!
3.7 GPA (3.9 Midterm)
current freshman
Lot of ECs, 8/10 Recommendation and 7/10
Management Major

Accepted just under two weeks ago with a very generous merit package. If you’re waiting on other decisions, email your AO at Bentley and they’ll move the deposit deadline back for you.