Berkeley gives full financial aid to international students?

<p>Unlike what most people think, Berkeley gives full aid to international students.
One of the most intelligent students in South Korea was accepted to 11 top schools including harvard, princeton, stanford, berkeley, etc. So it is possible to get full aid from state universities, but it is extremely rare. (By the way, the student went to Harvard)</p>

<p>what crap!!!</p>

<p>well actually, they do say that in special cases they do give financial aid... I don't remember where I saw that but I am sure of it</p>

<p>If an international student is qualified for financial aid @ Berkeley, he or she certainly is qualified for financial aid at better nuiversities as well....
So... why Bekeley anyway.......</p>

<p>Easier to get into Oxford with a full ride...</p>

<p>i believe she didnt need any financial aid, and didnt ask for one, but Berkeley offered her full scholarship.</p>

<p>where did you hear that</p>

<p>it was all over the korean newspaper for a while. Probably anyone interested in that stuff already knows it. (In korea of course.)</p>

<p>What he probably received from Berkeley is a merit award from a particular department. This is VERY different from financial aid. Financial aid is based on need and is NOT available to international students from the UC system. Merit scholarships, based on outstanding academic achievement, are available but is very limited and generally only given to outstanding students. It is likely that the Korean press does not understand the difference.</p>

<p>Here is the link to the UC system information on financial issues for internationals that explains what is and isn't available -
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<p>Yeah I think Carolyn is right. I heard about them giving out merit scholorships or something and are rare and offered to the best best best fantastic students out of the applicant pool...but I thought they were for graduate students only.</p>

<p>I also heard somewhere that they give out limited numer of FA in SOME campuses. So I think it's just like 1 campus out of the 5(? or 4? or 6? or something).</p>

<p>I dunno Im not sure</p>