Best and Worst of Bentley? Go!

What are the best and worst things about Bentley? Still deciding…

I think you should visit Bentley and attend an information session plus go for a tour. Ask many questions. Talk to students. If you are seriously considering Bentley, that’s my advice to you. Do your research. Admitted Student’s Day is April 13th, you should attend - it sounds like you got in but are unsure.

Best - focus on business, career center, internship opportunities, beautiful campus, simulated trading floor, amazing hockey facilities and proximity to Boston.

Other than complaints I think I hear from almost every school - food, dorms etc - the only bad thing is what if your child decides they don’t want to major in business. What if they want to have a more diverse student body with nursing, engineering and psychology majors.

My son didn’t choose Bentley because he wanted to be closer to home and his school gave more money per year.