Best college for astrophysics?

<p>Hey guys , i was thinking to do my graduation in astrophysics.
SO which are the best colleges for it in the world?
And yes , how tough it to get into those colleges ( i mean are there many students from india who want to take astrophysics)</p>

<p>There are several universities with fantastic astrophysics program.</p>

<p>Here are a few that come to my mind in random order:</p>

University of Chicago
UC Berkeley
UC Santa Cruz

<p>Many of the California schools (including CalTech), MIT, Princeton, University of Colorado at Boulder…you can look at the rankings. Also the University of Arizona has a good program. My oldest daughter ended up at the University of Maryland, where she got double degrees in Astronomy and Physics. One of the main reasons she ended up there was that she had done a lot of research into the kind of work done at Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD, and had heard that there were a lot of opportunities to work at Goddard as an undergrad. She just graduated w/ a 4.0 GPA and lots and lots of honors, as well as an extensive list of research she has done (since sophomore year) at Goddard, and with professors on campus. She had 2 summer internship/REU positions—one at Goddard and one last summer at the Harvard/Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. She had multiple acceptances to Ph.D. programs and decided upon Harvard’s Ph.D. program in Astronomy, primarily because of her ability to work with the scientists at CfA. Her experience in Grad Schools showed that if one works really hard, gets awesome grades, awesome recs from professors and high-ranking scientists, and has meaningful research accomplished, that almost every door is opened to them. She repeatedly said over the past 4 years that she couldn’t have chosen a better place for her to do her undergraduate study. (I assume you do know that you’d need more than an undergrad degree). When choosing Grad schools, it becomes significantly exactly what each school’s faculty studies, and who you could study with on the area you want to focus on). For undergrad, a recognized school where you enter knowing that you’ve got to be the top of your game will be your ticket to further success.</p>

<p>thanks for the list of colleges !! :slight_smile:
now please answer my question’s part 2 .
thanks for the help !</p>