Best/favorite covers of songs

Original – “Stay” by Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs
Cover – “The Load-Out/Stay” by Jackson Browne

Original – “Meet The Beatles!” album
Cover – “Meet the Smithereens!” album

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Better than the Flamingos original? You’d get some argument on that from me.

Chris Cornell - Patience by GNR


Since debating isn’t allowed on CC we’ll have to agree to disagree.

Remake - Have I Told You Lately That I Love You - Rod Stewart
Original/earlier - Van Morrison and others


Oh, yes, to the the Rod Stewart re-make, and several others on that album.


Original – “Gloria” by Van Morrison
Cover – “Gloria” by the Doors

Playing for Change - The Weight (video and blending of performers amazing)
Dylan 30th Anniversary Concert - My Back Pages (McGuinn, Petty, Young, Clapton, Dylan, Harrison)

I am surprised that not more Dylan covers are mentioned here.


Does anyone listen to “Subject To Change”? It’s on MIT’s radio station, WMBR. It plays 2 hours of the same song covered by various artists. I listen to it on-line. Some shows can get kind of repetitive if there is not much variation in covers but I am usually amazed at how diverse some are.


Duran Duran did an album of nothing but cover songs in 1995. Absolutely horrible. Their versions Zeppelin “Thank You” and “White Lines” from GMF & FF have to be two of the worst I’ve ever heard. The Sirius XM new wave channel still plays their cover of “Fame”.


I read the first two words of your post and grew fearful!! Well said😀

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A group of white lads from Birmingham covering Public Enemy. What were they thinking?!? :roll_eyes:

By far, my favorite cover version ever. If you never enjoyed Iron Man by Black Sabbath, I suggest giving The Cardigans’ version a listen.

I also LOVE Johnny Cash’s Hurt. Much better than the original, though I love that one too.

Mandolin Orange is better than the original Bob Dylan

4 very different, but superb covers of The Pixies “Where Is My Mind”
Maxence Cyrin piano
Brittin Lane
Nandi Bushell
Placebo Live

Which one is your favorite cover?

E. Kelly Clarkson.


This is an example where nothing compares to the original.

For different reasons, Nandi Bushnell and Maxence Cyrin are both very good.

“Unchained Melody” by The Righteous Brothers

After Bobby Hatfield sang lead on this song, no one should ever attempt it again. This was the definitive version.


Adam Lambert “Mad World”


I love Shinedown’s cover of “Simple Man”

“Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” Starfucker.

“Love Vigilantes” Iron and Wine. I love New Order to death, but this is a great, different take on the song.

“I’m on Fire” Chromatics. I also love the Springsteen original.

“I Feel Love” Dengue Fever. Donna Summer is god, but this is a really nice updated sound.

“I Go To Sleep.” Sia. Better than the original, I said it.