Best Film Production departments in Liberal Arts Schools

I have an 11th grader and we are looking for liberal arts schools in the Northeast with strong film production departments. Suggestions? Looking at Wesleyan - but where else? (film production as opposed to cinema studies or communication/media)


Bard, Sarah Lawrence, Purchase, Hampshire?

Beyond colleges of this type, you may want to research the opportunities for film production at schools with cinema and media studies departments. Any colleges that appear to encourage and support (including on a technical basis) the expression of artistic vision should be considered further.


Syracuse and Boston University both have strong film departments,.

Syracuse, Emerson, Pratt, BU come to mind besides Wesleyan. S21 liked Drexel. Westphal is well regarded. Then you get into the BA vs BFA discussion. S21 probably will be a film major somewhere, probably focusing on cinematography.

DD explored several LACs in the northeast and one experience stands out stands out in my mind that might be of interest. When touring Hobart and William Smith in Geneva, NY, they spent a fair amount of time talking about their Media & Society program because Brad Falchuk (of Glee and American Horror Story fame) is a grad and hosts a group of students from the college in California every year (pre-Covid so maybe not right now but…) for an extended study opportunity. While it isn’t strictly a film production major, it is a great LAC with a unique situation that may be worth looking into.

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Ithaca College, Ithaca NY