Best for Business and all around college life and opportunities

What do you think is best for business and overall college life? NC State (in state), University of SC- Capstone, University of Tennessee Honors Program, or The Ohio State University Scholars program. All are in budget. Thank you!

All are solid.

What is your focus in business?

If supply chain, UTK. If international, U of SC. Each school is solid.

Where do you feel most comfortable?

Thank you. Planning on marketing.

All the schools seem to have pluses and minuses. I think narrowing it down and deciding is tough because they are all bigger state schools and similar by design

Have you visited all four?

I’ve been to all. OSU is sprawling.

NC State is not - unless you are engineering.

UTK typically shows up on ugliest campuses list - but other kids love it and they are building like crazy.

My daughter loved U of SC - but others don’t.

Any religious aspects, etc. - such as being Jewish or something>

You need to go to all four and visit - they may be similar in flagship respect but they are not similar otherwise.

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Have not visited OSU yet. Like University of South Carolina campus but not crazy about Columbia… doesn’t seem safe. Would like to be closer to home than UTK is -but probably the nicest dorms and the honors programs has good perks like early class registration, and NC State is older buildings and dorms but love the many things to do in Raleigh and it’s a great school.

Look at niche ratings for each school in dorms and food.

Not sure where you live. Knoxville isn’t that far.


Most of those schools were ones that my daughter (class of 2021) considered for business as well. Her opinions were as follows (keep in mind that she was looking primarily for the best overall fit):

UofSC - nice campus but too close to our home in NC (she also was admitted to Capstone). She knows many people who go there and love it.

NC State - she never connected with NC State for whatever reason. A large number of kids from our area go there and she felt like it would be “13th grade” in high school. Was also put off by their business school being a “School of Management” vs a “School of Business”. NC State’s main business strength seems to be with their accounting program, and she wasn’t interested in that.

UTK - she liked UTK well enough and its Haslam School of Business, but she wondered whether she would be challenged enough there. Her boyfriend goes to UTK and is in the marketing program at Haslam and has been very happy there. After several visits there, my daughter has remarked to me that she is glad she didn’t choose to go there - mainly because she’s not a fan of Knoxville and she says the campus food is terrible and there are limited options (lots of fast food, not a lot of healthy food). She does say that all the students she’s met are friendly and seem happy.

She ended up at Virginia Tech and has been very happy there. She is double majoring in Finance & Real Estate. For her, it was the best mix of beautiful campus/college town/happy students/challenging coursework/D1 sports/good food :blush:


Wondering too