Best non-honors dorm?

<p>Hey, what would be the best non-honors dorm, in terms of not many parties and if some, not loud, must be quiet at night, and a nice sense of community. I don’t mind if the bathrooms are down the hall, and i am majoring in microbiology. Oh, and also, would East Hayden, Best, or Irish Hall be considered honors dorm?</p>

<p>The only honors dorms are Barrett as Hayden, Best, Irish (part of what is considered Center Neighborhood) mainly have people in the Arts living there. ASU believes in what is called residential colleges. It is where they have people with the same majors live together and each dorm has a specific college that lives there. Microbiology is part of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. This year, CLAS majors live in San Pablo and Hassayampa. There is a good chance that they will house CLAS majors in those same buildings next year too. I am sure that if you talked to housing, they would be able to tell you soon which dorms will house the residential college for CLAS for sure next year.</p>

<p>Each dorm has its own feel but it also just depends on the people who live there each year. I have lived and worked in the older dorms like Manzy and PVW the past three years and absolutely love the feeling of these dorms on North Neighborhood. There is such a great sense of community that I have experienced and they feel very homey. Hassayampa is often known as one of the party dorms, but it is also what you make out of it. You yourself are able to influence the type of community you live in. Given the choice, I would absolutely chose living in North Neighborhood dorms (PVE, PVW, PVM, San Pablo) over Hassayampa but that’s also because I like the older building feel. </p>

<p>If you have any other questions, let me know! I’d more than happy to help you out.</p>