Best school for Communication Sciences & Disorders (pre-SLP) in Florida?

Hey all! I’m about to be a senior in high school and I’m applying to USF, UF, and FSU. I want to major in Communication Sciences & Disorders and later get my SLP master’s. So far, I’ve ranked it like this: USF>FSU>UF. I’m still applying to UF but it would probably be my last option (if I even get accepted) because they offer hardly any scholarships and I don’t care for the campus. I’d really like to go to FSU as I adore the campus (and my older sister currently attends it so that’s a huge plus, we’re practically best friends) but it would probably be the most expensive option; it’s possible I could get a scholarship at FSU but I’d need to bring my SAT up by a lot (I’m planning on taking 2-3 more SAT’s though, I’ve taken 2 so far). USF is by far the cheapest option because I can just live at home and commute there, and I already qualify for their $12,000 scholarship. I just really don’t like the USF campus and the surrounding area. However, my aunt is an SLP so I’d have way more connections by staying here and going to USF. But now I’d like to know which of these schools has the BEST and most well accredited program for my major, and any opinions on whether or not it would be worth me going there overall. Any advice would be appreciated!!

I have a child looking at the same major. We have found great information on While I don’t think this applies to the three schools you mentioned, there are some schools that offer a five year bachelors/masters type option. Even though there are no guarantees, it seems like that may take some pressure off trying to get into a masters program.

I know it’s been a while, but if you are still here, could you expand on the five year programs. I tried to look at the site and didn’t find any information.

I think the better term for many of these programs is accelerated. As an example, for Florida, UCF has one of these programs where one semester counts as both undergrad and grad thus saving one semesters worth of grad payments. The term five year comes in because some schools squeeze in the final grad semester over a summer thus allowing the student to graduate, and then get into the workforce and earning money, quicker. My DD search kept us more in the Northeast where the accelerated SLP programs were with URI, Syracuse, Northeastern, and Sacred Heart.

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And please feel free to ask anything. I hope you find the right program!

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@krball It’s me again. My daughter is considering doing the TCc2FSU golden guarantee program but speech disorders is a limited access program so there is no guarantee she will get in to that specific program. I’d hate for her to spend two years at TCC to not get into the program and end her career right there. Is there another undergrad degree that could be used before attending graduate school for speech pathology? I’m hearing it’s a very competitive tract so I’m not sure if doing something else undergrad is even a possibility. Thanks so much!

We started looking at Communication Sciences and Disorders but also understood many had started with Psychology. Although I understand that the undergrad requirements to get to a Masters SLP program recently added classes so I’m not sure if past paths still apply.

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