Best SE US options for Film?

My TN daughter wants to go into filmmaking but hates to fly, so we’ve been looking at colleges around the SE. There seem to be a growing number of options around here since Atlanta is becoming a hub for TV/Film, and we are having trouble knowing which programs are truly reputable. She has already been accepted to SCAD and she is currently planning to apply to Belmont, Ringling & Elon. We visited FSU but found the Film School to be way too intense (i.e., get all “college” out of the way during your first year and then work on film with the same small group every summer and weekend for the next 3 years). Are we missing any good options? Any tips about the places she is currently considering?

Take a look at UNCSA. Also check Ga State.

High point likely doesn’t work as it seems geared toward business but take a look.

Good luck


What about VCUArts in Richmond, Virginia? They have both a BFA in Film/Photography (and you choose one or the other) and a BA in Cinema.

The BFA requires a portfolio and first year students take the arts core curriculum with other art students (painters, etc). The BA requires a writing sample, and the do the standard VCU core. I believe they must also either have a second major or a double minor, but you should check that. The BA still involves production classes.

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Most very good film schools are intense. You’re immersing yourself in the art. You’ll work long, odd hours on set.

Most top film schools are also very tough admits. FSU takes 20 applicants. Probably 500-1000 applications. Acceptance rate under 5%.

UNCSA is close but it’s a tough admit. Top notch facilities. Again, you’re immersed day one.

Have you toured SCAD? Facilities are fantastic and Atlanta is Hollywood east. That said there are growing pains with classes and housing.

S21 is at FSU. Did not get into film school. Doing digital media instead. He works on film sets with film students and was offered internship with film school. Likes that he has a social life and is enjoying his college experience. I think that’s why he also didn’t choose SCAD or DePaul.

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@TNmom50 if this screen name is your real name, you might want to consider changing it.

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Thank you! I’ve changed my name.

I’d also take a look at UNC-Wilmington and then take a solid look at all the Atlanta-area colleges. They’re all in a consortium, so you can take classes at other schools (so SCAD-Atlanta or Emory or GA Tech, etc) if you’re trying to find the right balance of film major vs. the rest of the time in college. I feel as though it was…maybe Georgia State? Or one of the HBCUs?..that had a recent big investment in its film program, but I can’t remember.


You may want to take a look at Hollins’ program.

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UNCSA is so very small. At UNCW, they said that the film programs differ because UNCA is primarily hands-on and UNCW is pretty much 50/50 with theory and hands-on. My daughter also got into GA State but hated the campus feel when we walked around one Saturday.

So what are you feeling - UNCW??

So she got into UNCSA? Congratulations.

It is small but if you’re 100% committed to a BFA it’s probably the best choice…by a wide margin. It’s intense from day one.

If she’s looking at quality of life…then maybe consider other schools. If she found FSU to be too intense I would suspect UNCSA to be the same.

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Congrats to your daughter on her admittances! Is she leaning in a direction?

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My daughter did not end up applying to FSU or UNCSA. She did apply & get admitted to Belmont, Georgia State, Lynn, SCAD, Ringling, UNCW, and VCUA. She is really having a hard time deciding, but she is currently leaning toward UNCW