Best STEAM programs NYC high schools: Brearly, Nighingale, Spence, Trinity?

Parents/students in NYC - Please help! I have a daughter who lives for coding. Looking for the NYC high schools that are must supportive of STEAM and emphasize it in their curriculum. Any experience with this topic? I was looking at Brearly, Nightingale, Spence, and Trinity, so comments on those schools would be great, but other suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance.

Can’t speak from specific experience but I would add Stuy and Bronx Science to your list. There’s a non-zero chance that their STEM programs are as rigorous if not more so as those of the private schools you named.

My goddaughter left that world for Bronx Science, so echo the idea to plan to take the test and throw that in the mix. Not sure, however, how those 4 stack up against each other for STEAM.

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