better engineering school

<p>hey. i'm currently a sophmore at oregon state university in the engineering department but so far my experience has not been great so im thinking about transfering. I just wanted to ask if the University of Utah, San Jose state, and the university of arizona had the same or better engineering programs than oregon state. I cant pay that much for college and if I transfer i want it to be to be a step up, not down. and suggestions for other schools would be greats. thanks.</p>

<p>Purdue has a well known engineering program and is relatively easy to get into. If OOS tuition is not a problem then its a solid mark.</p>

<p>Texas A&M has a really good engineering department and the cost is cheap OOS compared to other schools.</p>

<p>Also check out V-Tech and Georgia Tech. Both are excellent in Engineering and are relatively low cost.</p>

<p>I think Arizona is the best among the three. How about U of Washington? Is that too expensive?</p>