BFA Acting Auditions Class of 2025

I thought it would be helpful to have a place where kids can post about their upcoming auditions and share their experiences.

My son’s first audition is at UCONN. He’s pretty excited.

Any thoughts about UCONN’s BFA? Any audition stories/insights?


I don’t know anything about UCONN’s program or auditions, but thank you for starting a convo! I’ll will post updates here once my D has an audition. I miss CC being a great source of info. It’s so dead this year.

My daughter is applying to both MT and acting programs. The acting programs seem to be on a slightly different schedule. For instance, she heard from UMich MT program several weeks ago (it was a no thanks) but hasn’t heard anything from the acting program. Curious if folks have heard anything from them or Baylor.

I know. Last year there were so many good stories and tips. This year there’s nothing

Sorry I can’t be of service. My son is not applying to those 2 programs so I don’t know.

I’ve heard great things about UCONN! I’ve passed all of my prescreens thus far, but my first live audition is actually Juilliard :grimacing:, I don’t have callbacks until January.
Nervous and excited!

Good Luck! Break A Leg!

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My son was also a no from UMich, he was pretty crushed over that one. UCONN seems like his hopes for a second choice unless he changes his mind again!!

I’m sorry to hear about your son’s no from UMich. If you don’t mind me asking - was it from MT or acting? My daughter heard a no from MT more than a month ago but has heard nothing from acting and she submitted that application on the same day.

Also for MT as well. I do not know anyone else that applied for acting, wish I could be more of a help.

I posted this under MT, but since our DD has recently become more interested in acting programs than MT, I thought I would share our journey here too.

First of all, lots different about the process than we expected because of covid, although not all in a bad way. Virtual auditions way less costly and stressful for Mom and Dad since we aren’t traveling all over.

Also, as I said above, over the summer DD diversified her interest and has been applying to as many straight acting programs as MT, which opens up more options.

Here is her scorecard so far:

— ECU: Academically accepted, passed MT prescreen.
— VCU: (acting) Based on virtual audition, received “special invitation” for “especially talented” applicants for an early interview. That occurred yesterday, rather than in January, and she should find out whether she is admitted before Christmas.
— Carnegie Mellon: Passed prescreen
— Syracuse: Passed acting prescreen; did not pass MT
— Ithaca: Rejected via prescreen
— Temple: Passed MT prescreen, also applied to acting (no prescreen)
— Elon: Passed prescreen
— PSU: Prescreen results tbd
— Michigan: Prescreen results tbd
— Northwestern: Interview next week
— NYU Tisch: Application submitted today
— Christopher Newport: Audition tbd
— James Madison: Auditions tbd
— Boston U (acting): Audition tbd
— Marymount Manhattan: Audition tbd

So thats where we are at least as far as I know — our very independent DD is determined to do most of this on her own so may have auditions already scheduled with a few of the schools listed as TBD and just hasn’t told me, LoL. I wonder about UMich since I am that seeing so many reports that people have gotten prescreen results already.

Anyway, Things are looking good for VCU, and we are Virginia people, so it will be good for her to get that in the bag. Its not her first choice,but it is a well regarded drama program that she can see herself being happy in.

Michigan CMU Northwestern & Boston are the top of her list but are obviously longshots (from both competitiveness and affordability standpoints). Mom and Dad are pulling for Virginia state schools. If she gets in to VCU, CNU falls off the list but I am not sure whether she would chose VCU or JMU should she get in to both.She has really become more passionate about straight theater lately but is still drawn to MT.

My son just finished his UCONN audition. He thinks it went well. Now we wait.

Update, our DD passed the UMICH prescreen. Audition in February. Gosh this is a long process.

Oh, and one correction, she hasn’t heard back yet from Elon.

Michigan MT or Acting?

I thought both, but now that you ask, I am not sure. MT at least but will have to ask her to about acting

Update: DD’s acceptance to VCUARTS program came today.

So just confrmed with DD, prescreen pass for UMICH was just MT. Still waiting on Acting

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Congratulations! Is this where she wants to go?

Ha, I wish. In state tuition. Seriously, not her dream school but it wouldn’t break her heart. Her top tier choices in rough order are CMU, Northwestern, Boston U, NYU Tisch.

Best of luck to her. It’s a crazy process but it’s good to have an acceptance under your belt.

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